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...And They Built An Altar (Duotang)
The History and Heritage of the Brokenhead Lutheran Community Manitoba

Border Crossing A Bridge of Hope (Book-Soft)
An oral history by Hilda Mielke
Compiled & translated by Lorenz Mielke, edited by Velma Jesser PhD.

Born and Raised under a Straw Roof (Book-Soft)
A True Legacy of the Human Spirit, by Mary A Drzewiecki

Die Deutschen in Wolhynien (Book-Hard)
Ein Kulturhistorischer Ueberblick Von Nikolaus Arndt (in German)

Der Kleine Elefant (Book-Soft)
Aus dem Ukrainischen Von Evelyn Riswanowa (in German)
by Juri Jarmysch

Deutsches Lesebuch II (Book-Hard
Fuer die IV Klasse
Der Volksschulen mit Ukrainischer Unterrichtssprache Im General-Gouvernement (in German)
by Dr E J Pelenskyj

Deutsches Lesbuch III (Book-Hard)
Fuer die fuenfte Klasse Ukrainischer Volksschulen
by E J (Eugene Julius) Pelenskyj (in German)

Deutschland und der Osten Quellen und (Softcover)
Forschunger zur Geschichte ihrer Beziehungen
by Aubin, Brackmann, Hein, Papritz, Randt, Recke, Ueberger

East Prussians From Russia (Book-Hard)
by Michael J Anuta

Eine Familie mit ueber 700 Kindern (Book-Soft)
by Gerhard Hamm und Bernhard Hamm (in German)

The Expropriation of Land from the Germans in Volhynia 1915 (Book-Soft)
Translated & Edited by Prof. Brent Alan Mai

Faith under Four Flags (Book-Soft)
A Personal Diary of Germans in Russia
by Emil J Roleder

Friedrich The Blacksmith (Book-Soft)
by Norman Fischbuch

The "German Question" in the Black Sea Region (Book-Soft)
And in Volhynia (1856-1914)
by Dietmar Neutatz

German Settlements in Poland and Volhynia (Softcover)
A Presentation by Ewald Wuschke

Germans From Russia in Alberta (Book-Soft)
Reminiscences, by T. Yedlin, Editor

The Harvest of Sorrow (Book-Soft)
Soviet Collectivization and The Terror-Famine
by Robert Conquest

The Holodomor (Duotang)
Article by Sally J. Taylor, Script by Peter Blow, Excerpt by Raefael Lemkin, Article by Roman Serbyn

Holodomore (Booklet)
Ukrainian Genocide In The Early 1930's
by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Homeland Lost (Book-Soft)
A Three Generational Saga Based Upon True Events
Brave Women Facing the Exuberance of Life Love Loss their Tragedies & Triumphant Survival
by G J Rachael Patterson

The Holy See and the Holodomore (Book-Soft)
Documents from the Secret Archives on the Great Famine of 1932-33 in Soviet Ukraine
Edited by Athanasius D. McVay & Lubomyr Y. Luciuk

HSGPV Cookbook (Book-Soft)
December 2011
by Historical Society of Germans from Poland & Volhynia, Edmonton, AB

In the Midst of Wolves (Book-Soft)
A History of German Baptists in Volhynia, Russia 1863-1943
by Donald N. Miller

Introduction to the Legends of the Germans in Volhynia and Polesye (Book-Soft)
(Sagen der Deutschen in Wolhynien und Polesien)
Editors: Karasek-Langer and Elfrieda Strzygowski
Sketches by Friedrich Kunitzer
Translation by Leona S Janke

Liste der Kolonisten aus dem Netzedistrikt von 1776-1798 (Softcover)
by Bellee-Vogt (in German)

Protestant Church Records on Microfilm (Softcover)
for The Former Congress Poland (1815-1915) and Volhynia
by Church of the Latter Day Saints

Quellenband zur Geschichte der zweiten deutschen Ostsiedlung (Softcover)
Im Westlichen Netzegau
by Schulz

The Lutheran Church in Wohlinia (Softcover)
Translation from Die Evangelisch-Augsburgischen Gemeinden In Polen 1555-1939 Pages 184-199
by Eduard Kneifel & Ewald Wuschke

My Life on the Homestead (Book-Soft)
by Reubin Drisner

Reports of 1942 - 1943 From German Villages In The Ukraine (Softcover)
A Key to a Microfilm of Materials in Boxes 146 - 154 of the Captured Documents at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Magazine)
Vol.18 No.2 June 1987 Pages 60-67
"Given Names in Ukrainian Research"
(Ukrainian, Transcription, Latin, Polish, English)
by John D Pihach

Sonderdruck aus Heft 5/6 der Deutschen (Softcover)
Wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift im Wartheland
by Lattermann

SGGEE Journals (Binder)
"A Volhynian Genealogy Group"
Vol.1 No.1 December 1998 to current

Step Back in Time (Book-Soft)
Volume 1
by Lorraine Dreger Yaculic

Step Back in Time! (Book-Soft)
Volume II Central Alberta
by Lorraine Dreger Yackulic

Step Back in Time (Book-Soft)
Volume III Southern Alberta
by Lorraine Dreger Yackulic

Torn Roots (Book-Soft)
Written and Compiled by Theodore Wentland

Two Years in Soviet Ukraine (Book-Soft)
A Canadian's personal account of Russian oppression and the growing opposition
by John Kolasky

Ukrainian Archival Records (Book-Soft)
of the Provincial Archives of Alberta An Annotated Guide

Ukrainian People Places (Book-Soft)
by Bill Barry

Under Arrest (Book-Hard)
Repression of the Russian Germans in the Zhitomir Region, Ukraine in the 1930's
by Donald N. Miller

Vilni Zemli - Free Lands (Book-Hard)
The Ukrainian Settlement of Alberta
by J. G. MacGregor

Wandering Volhynians (Magazine) (Binder)
Vol.1 No.1 to Vol.8 No.2

When I Was a Boy: (Book-Soft)
Autobiography from a German Village in Poland 1935-1945
by Edward Abraham

Where To Look For Hard-to-Find (Book-Soft)
German Speaking Ancestors In Eastern Europe, Index to 16,372 Surnames
Compiled by Bruce Brandt

Wolhynien-Linstow (Book-Soft)
Errinerungen fuer die Zukunft -10.Museumsfestes im Jahre 2002 (in German)

Wolhynische Hefte 2.Folge (Book-Soft)
by Hugo Karl Schmidt und Nikolaus Arndt

Wolhynische Hefte 5.Folge (Book-Soft)
by Hugo Karl Schmidt und Nikolaus Arndt

Zur Frage der Sonderstellung Galiziens (Book-Soft)
Ein Streifzug in das galizische Problem
Von Wladimir Ritter von Schilling-Singalewytsch (in German)