The Elder's DVD

"Germans From Russia On The Canadian Prairies – Then & Now"

Germans from Russia carried their traditions, culture and language across two continents and an ocean. Upon the invitation from Catherine the Great, the vast steppes of Russia came under their plow. Nearly one hundred years later, their descendants immigrated to North America, breaking sod on the Canadian Prairies. This CD describes how they not only survived, but thrived, and is a testament to their grit, determination and resourcefulness. HEAR THE UNIQUE DIALECT, SEE "SHOEBOX" PHOTOS, LISTEN TO TRADITIONAL SONGS, PHRASES AND PERSONAL STORIES – SOME WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH, OTHERS MAY MAKE YOU CRY, AS YOU ARE TAKEN BACK TO A TIME THAT IS SLOWLY FADING AWAY. This production was a volunteer project filmed in Alberta and Saskatchewan, with profits donated to the Germans from Russia Heritage and Historical Societies. To order copies of this CD, please contact:
Linda Elder 
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