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Volume 1, Number 1 - March 1993  Back to top 
 -Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of our ancestors' arrival in Calgary
 -A Visit to Moscow and Kiev  
 -Calgary Chapter Executive Board
 -GRHS Annual Meeting
 -Naming our newsletter
 -German-Russians proud of heritage Local residents celebrating 100 years on Canadian soil
 -Salaud Suppa
 -Why a newsletter?
 -Sees Blina
 -Evidence of Changes
 -Marzolf Books Are In
 -Hebrew Words You Ought to Know
 -Almost a Miracle!
 -Of Volga German Origin?
 -A Part of our Plan for Future Issues
 -Please Note:

Volume 1, Number 2 - June 1993  Back to top
 -Germans From Russia Anniversary Celebration
 -List of Church Services - July 25th
 -Our first Newsletter
 -Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
 -A Family's Quest for Opportunity and Freedom leading from Germany to the Ukraine to the Black Sea area which was Finally realized in Western Canada
 -Almost A Miracle!
 -Potato Soup

Volume 1, Number 3 - September 1993  Back to top
 -Our One-Hundred-And-First Anniversary Celebration
 -Secretary Wins Big At Fair
 -New Horizons Grant
 -Some Of Our Cousins In South America
 -"The Germans From Russia Through Time and Place"
 -Pre-Publishing Book Sale "Return To Berry Meadow" by Dr. Richard Scheuerman

Volume 1, Number 4 - December 1993  Back to top
 -Our Calgary Chapter With The Help Of All "Germans From Russia Will Host 1995 AHSGR Convention!
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Hidden Cross Given To Russian Church
 -Lending Library Of G-R Books
 -Letter From Kathryn Drozdik
 -Hessian Dialect
 -Words In Russian
 -Tracing Your Roots
 -Germans From Russia #15, 929.108931 LIN 1991
 -Gone But Not Forgotten

Volume 2, Number 1 - March 1994  Back to top 
 -Unveiling Our Heritage Plaque
 -Editor's Ecke
 -GRHS - Our Sister Society Sausage Making And Annual General Meeting
 -The German Settlers On The Volga
 -Working While Russia's Door Is Open
 -Noodles N'Struedel
 -In The Hospital
 -Russian Phrases
 -Independent Frankfurters Shun Schnapps For Ebbelwei
 -Calgary's Centennial 1894-1994
 -Dates To Remember
 -AHSGR 1994 Convention
 -German Emigrants To Norka
 -Where Did Everyone Go?

Volume 2, Number 2 - June 1994  Back to top
-For Bessarabians And Descendants
 -Third Annual Germans From Russian Anniversary Celebration
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Dates To Remember
 -25th Annual AHSGR Convention
 -The German Settlers Of The Volga
 -Genealogy Where Do I Start???
 -God's Garden
 -Our Bi-Monthly Potluck Luncheon on May 15, 1994
 -New Village Newsletter Available
 -Correspondence - Alex Poffenroth

Volume 2, Number 3 - September 1994  Back to top
 -25th Jubilee AHSGR Annual Convention June 1994
 -1995 International AHSGR Convention
 -Editors Ecke
 -Dates To Remember
 -The German Settlers On The Volga
 -GUESS WHO from the chapter
 -Proud Of Our Heritage
 -German Lutherans Settling In And Around Calgary
 -Stampede Plays Second fiddle To The Seib Re-Union
 -Another Potato Soup Recipe
 -Goose Trait
 -Attention-. All Chapter Presidents
 -Genealogy -Available Resources

Volume 2, Number 4 - December 1994  Back to top
 -1995 Convention's Who's Who?
 -Editors Ecke
 -"Manpower!! Help!!"
 -Our Christmas Prayer
 -Dates To Remember
 -Krepel (Grebel)
 -Early History Of Yagodnaya Polyana (sometimes called Yagoda)
 -"A Pat-on-the-back"
 -Der Erfinder Des Aeppelwoi (The Origin of Apple Wine)
 -Know Before You Go
 -Our Christmas
 -Genealogy - Passenger Lists

Volume 3, Number 1 - March 1995  Back to top
 -"Kartofelwurst Night"
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Manpower! You are Needed!
 -Proposed Cookbook
 -Fund Raising For The Convention
 -Another Hazardous Trip To Siberia, Kasikstan and Points Between
 -The Long Road Home
 -No Convention Bazaar Or Auction... But?!!
 -Live And Give
 -Dates To Remember
 -Calgary, the beautiful city in Southern Alberta on the Bow River, where the German  colonies are  
-Meeting the Easter Bunny
-Gadovelwusht/Kartoffelwurst (Potato Sausage)
-They Don't Quite Speak English But They Try
-Genealogy - Odessa Archives/How to Research Your Family Tree

Volume 3, Number 2 - June 1995  Back to top
 -"The Countdown to Convention 1995"
 -Harvest of Memories
 -Editors Ecke
 -Dates To Remember
 -Convention Vendors Tables
 -Meet Your Chairperson for the Convention
 -Harvest of Memories
 -'95 Tours
 -AHSGR Convention 1995 Topics
 -Calgary, the beautiful city in Southern Alberta on the Bow River where the German Colonies are
 -What Is A Volunteer?
 -Convention Questions and Answers
 -Greetings from Sacramento California
 -Concordia Gospel Outreach Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
 -Federation of East European Family History Societies FEEFHS

Volume 3, Number 3 - September 1995  Back to top
 -"Our Cornucopia, Our Horn Of Plenty, Is Oveflowing"
 -Editor's Ecke
 -In Memorium
 -Another Contribution To The Convention Success
 -Elsa "Spring" More Surprises At "sep" Fair
 -More Than Just "Charitable"
 -Who Won The Raffle???
 -Unsung Heroes
 -The Cookbook
 -Reverend Gutsche Installed As Pastor
 -Volunteer Appreciation Night
 -Official Opening Of Convention
 -What's In A Name?
 -Have Camera Will Rescue!
 -Foods - Lasagne with Strawberries

Volume 3, Number 4 - December 1995  Back to top
 -"We Want To Be A "Representative Chapter"
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Dates To Remember
 -For Sale
 -"The Rose Between 2 Thorns"
 -Baking -Wass Kocht - Shortbread - Cabbage Borscht
 -Translation of the Article in the "Mitteilungsblatt", Aug. 18, 1994
 -From The Newsletter Of The Greater Kansis City Area Chapter of AHSGR of July/August 1993
 -1 am proud to be a Canadian
 -The Lutheran Church in Calgary
 -From Heritage Link of Jan/Feb 1988 - The Canadian-German Leute
 -A Humorous Look At Growing Older

Volume 4, Number 1 - March 1996  Back to top
 -President's Message
 -Our New Vice President
 -Adieu but not good-bye
 -Now, Doesn't This Look Pleasant?
 -First Genealogy Workshop
 -Chapter Anniversary!!!
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking) - Easter Bread Grebble
 -A tip from the Kitchen of a "German from Russia Gramma"
 -Beiseker Revisited
 -It's A Small World
 -St. John Lutheran Church History

Volume 4, Number 2 - June 1996  Back to top
 -History Of The Calgry Chapter
 -Dates To Remember
 -Workshop #2     
 -Growing Pains A Victoria Chapter of the AHSGR is now forming!
 -What's Cooking - Pickled Eggs
 -Take a Break!
 -Greatest Ambassadors on Earth
 -AHSGR New Flash
 -It's a Small World
 -Designation of a Historical Site
 -Genealogy - Organizing of Material
 -A Kind and Generous Chapter Member
 -A Profile of Our New Secretary
 -Alexander Pfaffenrot's Magnificent Obsession

Volume 4, Number 3 - September 1996  Back to top
 -President's Report
 -American Historical Society of Germans From Russia-The 27 1h International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 10-16, 1996 "Celebrate The Odyssey"
 -Dobrudscha Video
 -What's Cooking? - Rhubarb Pie
 -It Was Another "Great Parade"
 -Old Bridgeland Days - 27 July 1996
 -Researching My Family History
 -PROFILE - Reubin Edwin Nehring Genealogy Chairperson
 -Random Notes
 -Historical Site Designation
 -Who are the Moravians?
 -Editor's Comments

Volume 4, Number 4 - December 1996  Back to top
 -Why not take out an Ad?
 -The Dobrudscha Germans
 -Editors Comments
 -A Bouquet
 -President's Message
 -Wass Kocht? - Stollen
 -A New Years Wish
 -A Christmas Party from Olden Times
 -Our Goodwill Lady
 -History of the Calgary Chapter (Part 111)
 -Memories from a Charter Member of AHSGR Calgary Chapter
 -AHSGR Memberships
 -Random Notes
 -Special Events

Volume 5, Number 1 - March 1997  Back to top
 -History of the Calgary Chapter (Part IV)
 -President's Message
 -Osmar W. Beltzner Calgary's Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany
 -The Duma-Russian Parliament 1905-1917
 -Golden Wedding Celebration 1947-1997
 -You Are Invited to an Open House! 1947-1997
 -Gossip, or Not!
 -Our Goodwill Lady
 -News from the Victoria Chapter
 -Reminder - It's Convention Time!
 -Wass Kocht? - Fruit Soup (Schnitz or Schnitzel), Potato Soup, Grabble (German  Doughnuts)
 -Random Notes
 -GRHS Sausage Making and Annual Meeting
 -Genealogy Workshop February 7, 1996
 -AHSGR - 1997 Membership
 -Editor's Comments

Volume 5, Number 2 - June 1997  Back to top
 -History of the Calgary Chapter (Part V)
 -Euro-Canadian Cultural Center
 -President's Message
 -Plattdeutsche Menschen
 -Old Bridgeland Days Festival
 -Calgary Chapter Bratwurst Lunch and Bake Sale - July 26
 -Hector Warren Billington
 -Get Well and Congratulations
 -Wass Kocht? - Salate Suppe (Salad Soup), Gadoffel Blinna (Potato Pancakes)
 -Bessarabian Newsletter
 -Genealogy Workshop April 4, 1997
 -Random Notes
 -AHSGR - 1997 Membership
 -Pioneer Acres

Volume 5, Number 3 - September 1997  Back to top
  -Convention 97
  -Old Bridgeland Days!
 -President's Message
 -Old Bridgeland Days Part Two
 -Pioneer Acres Show Irricana, Alberta August 8,9, 10
 -Random Notes
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking) - Sauerkraut Salad, Cabbage Borscht
 -Our Goodwill Lady
 -Tentative Dates for Potluck Lunches and Genealogy Workshops
 -News From Victoria
 -Trip to Russia

Volume 5, Number 4 - December 1997  Back to top
  -Christmas Past
 -Wild Rose Seminar
 -A Trip Down Memory Lane
 -Our Goodwill Lady
 -Wass Kocht? - Johnny Cake - Corn Bread, Mustard Sauce
 -Magazines, Journals, Newsletters and Books
 -Random Notes
 -Genealogy Workshop
 -Stone Oven Bread
 -International Foundation of the AHSGR Board of Trustees Meeting
 -Trip to Russia - Part 11

Volume 6, Number 1 - March 1998  Back to top
 - A Salute To Past & Present Executive Members
 -Christmas Party
-A Tribute To Professor Arnold Marzolf
-AHSGR Jubilee Convention
-GRHS Sausage Making & AGM
-Random Notes - February 1998
-Passing Of The Lantern
-1998 Memberships  
-GRHS Convention
-Our Goodwill Lady Reports
-Achtung! - Attention
-Wass Kocht? - Dumplings and Dumpling Soup
-Reflections From Two Decades
-A Few Highlights From The 90's
-In Search of Missing Relatives

Volume 6, Number 2 - June 1998  Back to top
 -President's Message - 20th Anniversary Banquet Tickets
 -Germans from Volhynia & Congress Poland Conference
 -Saskatchewan "German Province of Canada"
 -Dr. Peter Penner
 -Message from the Library
 -Raffle 1998
 -German-Canadian Association of Alberta
 -Grandma's Lye Soap
 -And That's The Way It Was
 -Elsa Unterschultz
 -Just what you need? Cassettes & Tote Bags
 -Random Notes
 -Was Kocht? - German Sheet Chocolate Cake, Coconut-Pecan, Coconut-Pecan Frosting, Gummer Salat (Cucumber Salad)
 -Our Goodwill Lady Reports
 -Calgary Chapter Open House
 -Seniors Resource Fair
 -Pioneer Acres Annual Show
 -Roy Kaiser
 -20th Anniversary Celebration poster

Volume 6, Number 3 - September 1998   Back to top
 -Report on the 20th Anniversary
 -Raffle 1998 Winners
 -Pioneer Acres Show
 -In Memory of Edna Daniels (Froleck)
 -Report on Unsere Leute (Our People)
 -Russian Exhibit
 -The Nehrings are Leaving Us
 -The Annual Event of Making Felz Stiefel - Felt Boots
 -In Memory of Osmar Walter Beltzner 1919-1998
 -Osmar W. Beltzner Calgary's Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany
 -Germans from Congress Poland and Volhynia Conference
 -Was Koched? (What's Cooking) - Gatletta
 -Fall Board Meetings
 -Volunteers Needed!!!
 -List of books in the Calgary Chapter Library

Volume 6. Number 4 - December 1998  Back to top
 -A Christmas Custom from Germans from Russia
 -A Word of Thanks
 -Did You Know?? GRHS Annual Breakfast
 -In Memory - Ludwig Wolff
 -The Hour Glass of Time
 -20th Anniversary Photos
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) - No Yeast Stollen
 -News Concerning Our Members
 -Reactivation of MHSA
 -Steingarts, Anyone?
 -Mernbership Report
 -A Report From Your AHSGR Board Representatives
 -Did You Know? New Books in the Library
 -What Can You Find in our Chapter Library?
 -Did You Know? New Volhynian Society

Volume 7, Number 1 - March 1999  Back to top
 -A Trip Down Memory Lane
 -A Look at Bridgeland-Riverside in 1927
 -Thirty Years of Change
 -GRHS AGM - Sausage Making
 -AHSGR International Convention - Welcome to the Cowboy State
 -News Report on Our Members
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) - Noodles
 -What's Available In Our Library
 -Gensoft '99
 -A Recap of 1998 Chapter Events
 -Spring Fair and Open House

Volume 7, Number 2 - June 1999  Back to top
 -Looking Back at the Last 30 Years
 -The Germans in Argentine - Part 1
 -A Golden Wedding Celebration
 -Happy 89th Birthday to Mary Kaiser
 -Treasurers of Russia From Peterhof Palaces of the Czars -Peterhof Displays at Rio Suites in Las Vegas
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) - Kvast
 -Chapter Special Events
 -Spring Fair and Open House - April 24
 -Senior's Resource Fair - May 29
 -Pioneer Acres Annual Show - Aug 6, 7, 8
 -What is Available in Our Library
 -Celebrations For the Second Quarter of 1999
 -Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Spring Meetings
 -Ellis Island Genealogy Center
 -SGGEE - First Annual Conference
 -Wir Singen Dem Abschied - We Sing the Farewell

Volume 7, Number 3 - September 1999  Back to top  
 -A Few Highlights of the Last Convention of the Twentieth Century
 -Happy 90'h Birthday Henry! (Loose)
 -Directors - Trustees Meetings at the 1999 AHSGR Convention
  Caspar Wyoming
 -Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
 -SGGEE Conference
 -Pioneer Acres August 6, 7, 8
 -Have You Heard of the Bundestreffen?
 -Tour Information
 -News Concerning Our Chapter Members
 -What is Available in our Library
 -Chapter Elections
 -Wass Kocht -- (What's Cooking?) A Little History on Sauerkraut
 -My Mom's Sauerkraut in Jars

Volume 7, Number 4 - December 1999  Back to top   
 -Christmas During Justina's Early Years
 -Harvest of Memories (poem)
 -Special Request
 -President's Message
 -Comments From the Editor's Desk
 -What's Been Happening with the Calgary Chapter" AHSGR
 -Calgary Chapter Trip to Red Deer.
 -Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
 -St. Matthew Lutheran Resource Society
 -A Special Prayer
 -Library, Potluck Lunch
 -Wild Rose Seminar
 -Mostly Memories
 -Rapp Family History
 -Did You Know? (Oktoberfest)
 -What's New In Our Library?
 -Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Fall Meetings
 -Unsere Leute
 -Wass Kocht? (Wyoming Multibean Soup)

Volume 8, Number 1 - March 2000  Back to top
-Achtung! Attention! (Convention 2000)
-President's Message
-Treasures Of A Dying People Go To Ruin
-Raffle Results
-Upcoming Events For 2000
-Library News
-Transportation - Calgary To German-Town (Riverside/Bridgeland)
-Happy Anniversary (25th) To The Greater Seattle Chapter
-Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) (Rice Pilaf)
-A Special Trip Down Memory Lane
-December 1, 1999 Medicine Hat or Bust
-News Concerning Our Members
-Hi Ho Fritz!
-Santa Yodels
-Glenbow Museum
-News From South America
-Christmas Partv - 1999

Volume 8, Number 2 - June 2000  Back to top
-Long Time Member Turns 80!
-Library News
-Happy 90th Birthday Mary!
-From The Editor's Pen
-The Germans In Argentina Part II
-Dorothy Reports On Our People!
-The Corporate Jargon
-In Memory (Peter Daniels)
-Spring Board Meeting
-Spring Banquet
-Ebenezer United Church
-Senior's Resource Fair
-Librarv Potluck Lunch March 4
-Spring Fair & Open House April 29
-Found On The Internet, Sound Familiar
-Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) (Kaseknoephla (Cheese Buttons)
-Upcoming Events You May Want To Take In This Summer

Volume 8, Number 3 - September 2000   Back to top
 -Dad's Home
 -In Russia (1900s) Chapter II - Dad's Home
 -The Germans In Argentina Part III The Germans From Russia
 - Library news
 -2000 Lincoln Convention And Board Meetings
 -Pioneer Acres August 11, 12 & 13
 -A Family Reunion
 -Report On Unsere Leut'
 -White Hatter Ceremony
 -The Tall Ships
 -Wass Kocht? What's Cooking? (Sauerkraut)
 -Help!! We Need Volunteers
 -A Trip Down Memory Lane (Ebenezer United Church)

Volume 8, Number 4 - December 2000  Back to top
 -Yagodnaya Polyana Native Visits Calgary This Past Summer (Alexander & Anna Pfaffenrot)
 -A Plus For Our Young People
 -"A Bouquet"
 -Library News
 -So What Has Been Happening At The Calgary Chapter?
 -Field Trip To Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
 -The 2000 Autumn Supper
 -Wild Rose Seminar
 -Russian German Heritage Tours
 -The 32nd International Convention of AHSGR (Upcoming)
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Sophie's Sour Cream Drop Cookies
 -Unsere Leut'
 -Fall Board Meetings Lincoln Nebraska
 -Mother's Home In Russia (1900s)   Part II
 -Mother's Home in Russia Chapter III
 -Upcoming Meeting Dates
 -Poster for Christmas Party Craft & Bake Sale

Volume 9, Number 1 - March 2001  Back to top
 -A Trip Down Memory Lane
 -John C. Poffenroth
 -Duerr Honours Five Historic Buildings
 -Senior's Resource Fair
 -President's Message
 -Congratulations To A Special Lady - Helena Lahnert
 -Christmas Party 2000
 -Potluck Luncheon January 20, 2001
 -What's New In The Library?
 -Unsere Leut
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Buttermilk Soup
 -Beyond All Expectations - Peter Penner
 -Annual General Meeting 2001
 -Poster for Germans From Russia Day

Volume 9, Number 2 - June 2001  Back to top
 -Board Of Directors & Trustees Meetings June 4-10, 2001 Denver, CO
 -A Bouquet To The Phoners
 -A Canadian Germans From Russia Video
 -Happy Anniversary - The Alberta Chapter GRHS
 -Lent Smeckfest 24 March 2001
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Grandma Fox's Salat Suppe, Oma's Rahm Suppe
    (Kartoffel Suppe or Saure Rahm Suppe)
 -From The Editor's Pen
 -Prince Of Peace Village
 -Library news
 -Senior's Resource Fair 02 June 2001
 -Mother's Father - Erven Fester
 -Hoppe, Hoppe, Reiter
 -2001 AHSGR Convention
 -Anecdote Of Early Volga German Dialect
 -Unsere Leut
 -President's Message
 -That Is The Way It Was

Volume 9. Number 3 - September 2001  Back to top
 -Unsere Leut
 - "The Fischbuch Family" Reunited after 70 year of Silence
 -Pioneer Acres
 -"The Bridge Builder"
 -Thought In Time - This Is The Land
 -In Memoriam - William Reppon Jr.
 -Pastor Gottfried Spieth
 -Library News
 -Potluck Dinner - Schmeckfest
 -Unsere Leut Our People
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Sauerkraut Apple Salad, German Applesauce Meatloaf
 -Ontario Chapter Member
 -Poster for Harvest Supper Friday October 12, 2001

Volume 9. Number 4 - December 2001  Back to top
 -Happy Birthday Elsa!
 -Final Wild Rose Seminar Oct 26 & 27, 2001
 -Library News
 -More Good News!!! Library Openings
 -The Storytellers (Family Genealogists)
 -Thank You To The Phoners
 -Harvest Supper Oct 12, 2001
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Grandma Schafers Christmas Dressing,
    Grandma Fox's Christmas Dressing, Lorraine's Version of Fensil, Kuchen (Cinnamon Buns)
 -Enthusiasm From A New Member!
 -We Bid Farewell To An Old Friend, Frieda Houghton (Schafer) 1918-2001
 -Unsere Leut
 -Wo Ist Adolf? (Where Is Adolf?)
 -A Few Bouquets
 -Posters for Christmas Party Saturday, December 8, 2001
 -Christmas Gift Ideas
 -Library Opening Dates

Volume 10, Number 1 - February 2002  Back to top
 -Unsere Leut Und Die Eisenbahn (our People And The Railroad
 -A Canadian Video!!!
 -2002 AHSGR Convention
 -International Genealogical Conference 2002
 -Happy Birthday Fred!
 -Thank You! Thank You!
 -Two pages of Society Activity Photographs
 -Past President's Report
 -Library News
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Paska's Secret Ingredient (Bog Na Pomotsch) Ukrainian Easter Paska
 -Unsere Leut
 -Leora Kaiser (Nee Gerlitz)
 -In Memory Of Two Pioneers Of AHSGR
 -Obituary Files
 -Christmas Party 2001
 -Yakima 2003
 -Poster for Germans From Russia Day

Volume 10, Number 2 - June 2002  Back to top
 -From The President's Pen
 -Springtime In Alberta
 -A Canadian Video About Unsere Leut!!!
 -Board of Directors And Board Of Trustees Spring Meetings
 -Sound Familiar (See Page 5)
 -Guess The Object
 -Library News
 -A Genealogy Poem For Mothers Day
 -Unsere Leut
 -The Moravian Church Celebrates 100 Years
 -Was Kocht? Heefeglees mit Kraut
 -Jagodnaja PoIjana Native Revisits Calgary
 -What's Been Happening Around The Calgary Chapter?
 -Germans From Russia Day & Spring Fair
 -Pioneer Acres, Aug. 9, 10 & 11, Irricana, Alberta
 -Senior's Resource Fair

Volume 10, Number 3 - September 2002  Back to top
 -From The President's Pen
 -We Have Great News!
 -Happy Birthday Elsie!
 -Library News
 -Bridgeland/Riverside Landmark Gets A Facelift!
 -Potluck Luncheon June 8, 2002
 -Unsere Leut
 -Annual Convention Des Moines, Iowa June 30  -July 7, 2002
 -The First World War Years
 -Pioneer Acres Aug. 9, 10 & 11
 -Surname/Obituary Files
 -Obituary File
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Peanut Rolls
 -Yakima 2002
 -Posters for Library Hours and Schedule
 -Harvest Supper

Volume 10, Number 4 - December 2002
 -From The President's Pen
 -Growing Up In Bridgeland The World War II Years
 -Library Nights
 -Editor's Ecke (Editor's Corner)
 -German Russian Cultural Festival Leader, SK October 25 -27, 2002
 -Our Annual October Harvest Supper
 -Farewell To A Long Time Member
 -Workshop-Heritage Meeting November 16
 -Telephone Volunteers
 -25th Anniversary -2003
 -Obituary File
 -Surname/Obituary Files
 -Unsere Leut
 -Library news
 -Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta
 -Have You Met The New Guys On The Block?
 -AHSGR Convention Yakima June 15-22, 2003 Calgary Chapter Trip
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Leberknoedel Suppe (Liber Dumpling Soup)
 -Christmas Gift Suggestions
 -Posters for Library Hours and Christmas Party

Volume 11, Number 1 - March 2003   Back to top
 -From The President's Pen
 -Calgary Chapter's 25th Anniversary Special Speaker
 -Yakima Convention Requests
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta Special Announcement
 -Easter Treasures
 -Other Easter Memories
 -Unsere Leut
 -We Remember
 -Hilda Morasch (nee Kromm) 1915-2002
 -Evelyn Fox (nee Fox)1938-2003
 -Louise Poffenroth (nee Unterschultz) 1926-2003
 -Martha Nielsen (nee Zehner) 1929-2003
 -Bette Shierman (nee Thompson) 1924-2003
 -In Recognition (Jean Poffenroth)
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Kartoffel Blinna (Puffer)
 -Library News
 -Upcoming Events To Note
 -25h Anniversary Year Book
 -AHSGR International Convention

Volume 11, Number 2 - June 2003  Back to top
 - From The President's Pen
 -Stampede Parade Float Calgary Chapter
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Spring Fair & Open House May 3, 2003
 -Library News
 -Bill and Lorraine Reppon's 50th Wedding Anniversary
 -Golden Wedding Anniversary
 -The Summer Kitchen
 -Unsere Leut
 -The Bridge Builder
 -Calgary Chapter's 25h Anniversary Special Speaker
 -Senior's Resource Fair
 -Prairie Crosses-Prairie Voices, Iron Crosses of the Great Plains
 -Mothers Day Trip
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking) Red Cabbage, Zwieback-My Never Fail Zwieback Recipe

Volume 11, Number 3 - September 2003  Back to top
 -From The President's Pen
 -Anniversary Book
 -Childhood Memories of Autumn in Bridgeland/Riverside
 -St. Matthew Lutheran Church Celebrates 90 Years of History
 -A Special Word of Thanks
 -AHSGR 2003 Convention
 -Library News
 -Winners of the Chapter Raffle
 -Notice of Interest - New Society in Edmonton
>  -A Little Trip Down Memory Lane
 -The Prips Report
 -The Float That Couldn't Go
 -Unsere Leut
 -The Rohl Reunion
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?)Anna Marie's Chili Sauce
 -So What's Been Happening Around The Chapter?
 -Obituaries & Surname Files

Volume 11, Number 4 - December 2003
  Back to top
 -From The President's Pen
 -The Editor's Ecke
 -Library News
 -25th Anniversary Book
 -Special Bouquet
 -Where Do You Get That Sausage?
 -Goose For Christmas
 -Obituary Files
 -AHSGR 2004 Story Telling Contest
 -Unsere Leut
 -The Year of the Volunteer
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Stuffing For Roast Goose, Broccoli Salad, Kraut Suppe
 -Some Memories I Have of Winter in Bridgeland And Riverside
 -In Closing Our 25th Anniversary Year

Volume 12, Number 1 - March 2004  Back to top
 -A Message From The President
 -The Riverside Y.M.C.A. A Landmark
 -Special Memories of the "Riverside YMCA"
 -From The Past President's Pen
 -AGM Supper
 -Memories of Lent & Easter Foods
 -Genealogy/Cultural Workshop January 17, 2004
 -The Leader German Russian Festival
 -Editor's Ecke
 -Memories Food Evokes
 -Good Friday Observance
 -Alberta Pastor I leads South!
 -Library News
 -Lost From The Library
 -Was Kocht! (What's Cooking?)
 -My Recipe For Glees & Glees Suppe
 -Unsere Leut
 -Upcoming Events
 -SGGEE Convention 2004
 -Chapter Obituary Files

Volume 12, Number 2 – June 2004   Back to top
 -A Message From The President
 -President of The Alberta Chapter of GRHS Retires
 -Profile Anne Stang
 -Langevin Junior High School
 -Memories of Langevin Junior High School
 -Chapter Obituary Files
 -Diversity Week Celebrations at Crescent Heights High School
 -Library News
 -Canada's Capital City Ottawa
 -Unsere Leut
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?)
 -Anna-Marie's Rhubarb Conserve
 -Our Annual Spring Fair
 -Senior's Resource Fair City Hall Atrium Saturday May 29, 2004

Volume 12, Number 3 - September 2004  Back to top
 -President's Message
 -Meeting Notes Season Finale
 -Library News
 -Unsere Leut
 -A Bouquet (raffle)
 -SGGEE 2004 Convention
 -ASGR Modesto Convention
 -Obituarv Files
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking) Tafelspitz From My Mom's Kitchen, Einbrenn (Browned Flour Sauce)
 -German Russian Cultural Festival Leader, SK
 -Special Letter From a U.S. Guest Who Attended The Leader Festival
 -Harvest Supper, Notice

Volume 12, Number 4 - December 2004  Back to top
 -President's Message
 -Tom Campbell's Hill
 -Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Pfeffernusse
 -Calgary Chapter Website - Update
 -Unsere Leut
 -Library News
 -Award Regional Citation Award In Recreational Park Design
 -Obituaries & Family Trees
 -Christmas Memories
 -Alberta Centennial in 2005 Possible Chapter Project
 -Meeting Comments
 -Printer Cartridge Recycling Program
 -Christmas Party Notice

Volume 13, Number 1 - March 2005  Back to top
 -President's Message
 -The Germans From Russia Lived Side by Side with Other Ethnic Groups
 -A Bouquet
 -In Memory of Mirium Williams
 -A Tribute to Reubin Nehring
 -Obituarv & Surname Files
 -Unsere Leut
 -Library News
 - Editor's Ecke
 -Creating Timelines  -Was Kocht (What's Cooking?) Palatschinken (Crepe),
    Method for Cottage Cheese Filling,
    What I Remember about Palatschinken
 -Chapter Event - Show & Share 22 Jan, 2005
 -Riverside Cash & Carry
 -About the Riverside Coffee House

Volume 13, Number 2 – June 2005  Back to top
 -St. George's Island and the Calgary Zoo
 -Show & Share Item
 -Life in Bridgeland & Riverside in 1898
 -The Changing Scene
 -Crescent Heights High School Multicultural Event
 -Our 2004 Trip to Eastern Europe & Russia
 -Library News
 -Unsere Leut
 -Editor's Ecke
 -One Day at a Time
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking!) Gadovalwurst
 -Long Time Member Passes Away
 -Calgary & District Heritage Fair
 -Obituary Files
 -President's Message
 -Festival for Germans from Russia
 -The Demise of the Tsar's Last Armada

Volume 13, Number 3 – September 2005 – Alberta Centennial Edition  Back to top
 -Donald Adam Hartman 2005
 -City of Calgary Mayor
 -City of Calgary Alderman
 -Biography of Donald Hartman
 -The Early Days of Our Alberta
 -Profile on Bonnie Laing
 -Unsere Leut
 -Obituary Files
 -A Saskatchewan Centennial Project
 -Germans in the Armies of the Tsar
 -Editor's Ecke
 -President's Message
 -So  -What's Been Happening?
 -Library news
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Saskatoons from Saskatchewan,
    Saskatoon & Rhubarb Jam, Canned Saskatoon Berries, Saskatoon Pies

Volume 13, Number 4 - December 2005  Back to top
 -President's Message
 -"Bouquets" are in Order
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Lori's Meatballs-Meatballs and Sauce
 -Festival for Germans from Russia, Medicine Hat, Alberta September 23-25, 2005
 -They Made Their Home on the Bow
 -The Illuminated Christmas Tree
 -A Special Thank You
 -Obituary Files
 -Harvest Supper Display
 -Unsere Leut
 -Library News

Volume 14, Number 1 - March 2006  Back to top
 -Farewell To Our President Gerry Mann
 -My Deepest Thanks
 -News From The Regina Chapter
 -Calgary Chapter Website
 -From The Nebraska Panhandle Chapter
 -The Calgary Brewery
 -The Calgary Brewery 1927 Picnic at Banff photograph
 -Memories Of The Calgary Brewery
 -German Language CD's
 -Congratulations Edmonton
 -Library News
 -Family Trees and Obituaries
 -A Tribute To Rev. Fred Stark
 -Volunteer Appreciation
 -Unsere Leut
 -Vice President's Message
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking)? Dandelion Jelly

Volume 14, Number 2 - June 2006  Back to top
 - Our Italian Neighbors
 - Farewell to Pastor Sam 1922 - 2006
 - Wass Kocht (What's Cooking)? Yogurt and Cucumber Soup
 - It's A Small World
 - AGM - Kartofel Wurst Supper & Elder Video-25 March 2006
 - Chapter Happenings
 - Canadian District Council Meeting
 - Spring Fair
 - Editor's Ecke & Membership
 - "Hemochromatosis" A Hereditary Disease
 - A Look Back From Nova Scotia
 - Unsere Leut
 - Library News - 100 year old steamer trunk (Morasch)
 - 2006 AHSGR Convention

Volume 14, Number 3 - September 2006  Back to top
 -An Autumn Memory (Lahnert, Lautenschlager)
 -Family Trees and Obituaries
 -Library News
 -Looking Back to 1898
 -Stuff Does Not Just Happen, thank you, a Tribute to St. John's Lutheran Church
 -Wass Kocht (What's Cooking?) Beet Relish
 -Harvest Supper Guest Speaker - Gordon Elhard
 -Show and Share, June 10, 2006
 -Re-Dedication of Commemorative plaque
 -Special Message
 -Unsere Leut
 -Traveller Trunk Revisited
 -Traveller's Trunk (Morasch)

Volume 14, Number 4 - December 2006  Back to top
 -The Bowness Connection
 -Unsere Leut
 -Harvest Supper 2006 - Gordon Elhard
 -Reflections On Our Trip To Russia - Sandra Stelter
 -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Kuchen Cake
 -AHSGR Calgary Chapter Website
 -Our Yagoder Dialect
 -Germans From Russia Cultural Festival - Leader, SK October 13-15, 2006
 -Library news
 -Book Report - Paradise on the Steppe
 -Congratulations Regina!
 -Our Obituary Files
 - The Palliser Hotel - A Calgary Landmark

Volume 15, Number 1 - March 2007  Back to top
- Special memories of My Mother's Apron
 -Canadian District Council Meeting  -Friday, April 27, 2007 St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 66  -7th Street N.E.
 - Calgary Chapter Website
 - January 20 Chapter Meeting
 - Annual General Meeting and Supper
 - Book Review  -"Homesteaders on the Steppe" By Joseph S. Height
  -Library News  -new books
  -Why "X" Is A Signature
  -Christmas Party 2007
  -Obituary Files
  -Calgary's Old City Hall
  -Unsere Leut
  -Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking)? Studenetz, Jellied Meat

Volume 15, Number 2 - June 2007  Back to top
 -President's Remarks  - Can Anyone Help?  -Holstein, Befus, Bafus
 - Thank You To The Phone Volunteers
 - A Tribute to Edward (Ed) Kromm 1920  -2007
 - Library News
 - Never  -Never Give Up!!
 - Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) German Potato Soup with Rivel
 - "Special Memories of Mother's Apron" (Re: March 2007 Newsletter Article)
 - Book Report  -"History of the Volga German Colonists" By Jacob E. Dietz (1864  -1917)
 - A Wedding Custom From The Catholic Volga Deutsch "Der Goldene Rosenkranz"
 - Obit Files
 - Unsere Leute
 - Calgary & District Heritage Fair, May 5, 2007 At City Hall Atrium

Volume 15, Number 3 - September 2007  Back to top
 - Greetings From The President's Desk
 - The Bridgeland Corner Store
 - Chapter Leaders' Newsletter Announcement
 - Book Report - "We Remember" By Timothy Kloberdanz and Rosalinda Kloberdanz
 - A Cruise On The Volga River
 - Library News
 - Saskatchewan German Council Meetings, Leader, Saskatchewan
 - Obituary Files
 - Unsere Leute (Our People)
 - Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) My Mother's Strudel Recipe
 - Show & Share Wedding Memories
 - AHSGR Annual Convention, Hays Kansas, June 10-17, 2007

Volume 15, Number 4 - December 2007  Back to top
 - A Christmas Memory
 - Across The Miles & The Years
 - Folk Medicine
 - What's New At The Zoo?
 - Spreading The Word Through Elephant Art by Norm Altenhof Norm Combines His Love of Elephants With Video
 - The Calgary Ice Industry
 - Native Calgarian News
 - Membership 2008
 - Unsere Leut
 - My Deepest Thanks!
 - Thank You! To Our Great Volunteers!
 - Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking)? Fresh Apple Cake

Volume 16, Number 1 - March 2008  Back to top
  - President’s Report
  - Growing Up In The Shadow Of Our Old Calgary General Hospital
  - “Die Krim” or “The Crimea” Part 1
  - Christmas Program December 2007
  - Oodles of Noodles Program January 26, 2008
  - St. Patrick’s Day
  - Easter Recollections
  - Wass Kocht?(What’s Cooking?) Noodles, Lauf Noodles, Rivel
  - Unsere Leut
  - Library News
  - Obituaries For Our Files

Volume 16, Number 2 - June 2008  Back to top
  - From The President's Desk
  - Golden Anniversaries
  - 90th Birthdays – Calgary Chapter
  - Obituaries – Calgary Chapter
  - Obituary File
  - Program Notes
  - Farewell
  - Unsere Leut
  - Library News
  - Calgary & District Heritage Fair – May 3, 2008
  - Robin Hood Flour Mills
  - Wass Kocht? What's Cooking? The Bread
  - “Die Krim or “The Crimea” Part 2

Volume 16, Number 3 -September 2008  Back to top
  - President's Report
  - Growing Up In Bridgeland
  - Library News
  - Meeting Notes
  - Leader, Saskatchewan German Russian Festival
  - Pioneer Acres August 7, 8 & 9, 2008
  - AHSGR Convention 2009
  - Lorraine Reppon
  - John Graf
  - We Have A Newsletter Editor!
  - Unsere Leut
  - Wass Kocht? (What's Cooking?) Recipes
  - Techie Bits
  - Umlauts
  - Joint AHSGR/GRHS Convention 2008 July 26 – Aug 3, 2008 Casper, Wyoming

Volume 16, Number 4 -December 2008  Back to top
  - President's Report
  - A Christmas Past
  - Goodwill Ambassador
  - Unsere Leut
  - “Die Krim” or “The Crimea” Part 3 The Letters
  - Schmeckfest September 6, 2008
  - Harvest Supper – October 4, 2008
  - How I became a member of A.H.S.G.R.
  - The Calgary Chapter AHSGR Anniversary Supper
  - Apron Show And Share November 15, 2008
  - Library News
  - Techi
  - Bits – (Aspect Ratio)

Volume 17, Number 1 - March 2009  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Convention 2009 Volume 17, Number 1
  - B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own (Picnic) Basket
  - Convention Raffle
  - Presentation To The Alberta Family Histories Society
  - Kuchen Food Demonstration
  - Obituary Files
  - Membership
  - Growing Up In Bridgeland – The War Years
  - Unsere Leut
  - Library News
  - Techi
  - Bits – (Image Archiving)

Volume 17, Number 2 - June 2009  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - 2009 AHSGR Convention In Medicine Hat Canada
  - Unsere Leut
  - Paradise Shattered
  - Crimea – the Concluding Episode
  - A Request
  - Meeting Notes
  - Growing Up In Bridgeland
  - 100th Anniversary St. John Lutheran Church
  - Annual General Meeting
  - On The Road Again With AHSGR – Lethbridge
  - Convention Poster

Volume 17, Number 3 - September 2009  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - 2009 AHSGR Convention Medicine Hat, Alberta
  - Stockmen's Memorial Foundation
  - Harvest Supper
  - Meeting Notes
  - Pioneer Acres Irricana Alberta August 7, 8 & 9, 2009
  - Calgary Chapter Website
  - Remembering Erven Fester
  - Peter and Justina Penner's Sixtieth Anniversary
  - Unsere Leut
  - Senior's Resource Fair Municipal Building Atrium May 30, 2009
  - Obituary Files
  - Techi
  - Bits – Scanning Digital Images
  - Buttermilk & Oats Bread – Bread Machine Recipe

Volume 17, Number 4 - December 2009  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - St. John Lutheran Church Centennial
  - New Year in Saskatchewan – 1946
  - September SMF Presentation
  - Election of Officers
  - Calgary Chapter Website and Obituary File
  - Christmas Party
  - Goodwill
  - Rev. Orlin Stanley Anderson 80th Birthday
  - Library News
  - Library Night November 9, 2009 New Meeting Format
  - Introduction – Writing Family History
  - Membership
  - Notice to Members
  - John Shierman 1916 – 2000 – We Remember
  - Remembering The Shierman's
  - Blue Christmas?
  - January 23, 2010 "Spetzele"

Volume 18, Number 1 - March 2010  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Membership
  - Library/Genealogy
  - Christmas Party 2009
  - Early Calgary German Russians
  - Website/Obituary File
  - Liver Dumpling Soup Leverglase for 5
  - 6 Butter Balls (Butter Glaze)
  - Newsletter
  - Unsere Leut
  - Remembering Robertson, Betty Lorraine 1931 – 2010
  - Kromm, Howard May 20, 1924 – February 1, 2010
  - Hubert, Dahrlyne (nee Anne
  - Marie Stanway) April 4, 1941 – October 6, 2009
  - As Remembered
  - Book Review “The White Lamb”

Volume 18, Number 2 - June 2010  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Bridgeland And Riverside A View From The Hill
  - AHSGR Canadian District Council Meeting April 10, 2010
  - Website
  - Medicine Hat Genfair April 23-24, 2010
  - The Jim Hauser Bronze Sculpture
  - Test Your Knowledge
  - Looking Back
  - Goodwill
  - Photo Restoration
  - Medicine Hat Convention Attendance
  - Library News
  - Trying to find your Great
  - Great
  - Grandfather

Volume 18, Number 3 - September 2010  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Bunnock in Calgary
  - AHSGR 2010 Convention
  - German/Russian Farmer's Market
  - Goodwill
  - Herta Anderson obituary
  - Land Of Our Fathers
  - Website/Obituary Index
  - Membership
  - Talent Show Planned
  - Library News
  - Celebrate Alex and Margaret Sieppert's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  - Bits, Login to Soar

Volume 18, Number 4 - December 2010  Back to top
  - President's Report/Harvest Supper
  - Did You Miss It? (The German Russian Farmer's Market)
  - Oh my! – Susan Kuzina
  - Talent Show
  - Goodwill
  - Ron and Dorothy Hunt – 50th Anniversary
  - Alex and Margaret Sieppert
  - Website/Obituary Files
  - Calgary Chapter Volunteers
  - Library News
  - Books For Sale
  - Merry Christmas - Happy New Year
  - Nominations For Election Of Officers
  - It's That Time Again…..

Volume 19, Number 1 - March 2011  Back to top
  - President's Report
  - Membership for 2010
  - January Food Demonstration Apple Strudel Strudla Strudel
  - Library News
  - Question Section
  - Newsletter
  - Program Report Annual General Meeting
  - Website Report Annual General Meeting
  - Obituary Project Report Annual General Meeting
  - Letter to Cheryl Siemens deCaux Family Tree
  - Elmira Independent Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011
  - Goodwill
  - Garrett, Thelma Mary (nee Gerlitz) 1927 - 2011
  - Canadian District Council ATTENTION members and groups
  - Financial Facts
  - Heritage Tour

Volume 19, Number 2 - Summer 2011  Back to top
  - President's Report
  - Dwayne's Game
  - New Production Manager
  - AHSGR Library Card Catalog is now on-line!
  - Remembering
  - Website/Obituary Files
  - Medicine Hat Legacy Project
  - Bridgeland Riverside Reminisces
  - From Whence We Came German Genealogy
  - Fall Program Schedule

Volume 19, Number 3 - September 2011  Back to top
  - Calling all members an editorial by Nora Schmidt
  - Salt Lake City Convention 2011
  - Goodwill
  - Program Report
  - Harvest Supper 2011
  - AHSGR's Got Talent
  - A Job Well Done
  - New Books in Library
  - Website Links That May Be Of Interest
  - Membership
  - Letter To The Editor
  - Fault Finders Reward
  - Thanks For The Memories

Volume 19, Number 4 - December 2011  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Why Am I A Member Of AHSGR Calgary Chapter
  - February 2012 Annual General Meeting
  - What Am I? (question)
  - Elected Positions
  - Help!!!!!!!!
  - Unser Leut
  - In Remembrance For Thelma Mary Garrett (nee Gerlitz)
  - 90th Birthday Greetings To Elsa Unterschultz
  - Program Coordinator
  - Library News
  - Review – Harvest Supper
  - Membership
  - Review – November Meeting Talent Show
  - Review – September Meeting Fall Market
  - What Am I? (answer) planchinda
  - North Dakota State University German from Russia Studies
  - In Touch with Prairie Living, November 2011
  - Website/Obituary File
  - 2012 AHSGR Annual Convention June 14-17, 2012 Portland, Oregon
  - Preliminary Programs
  - Mother's Cabbage Rolls
  - From Al's Pen
  - Christmas Bits

Volume 20, Number 1 - March 2012  Back to top
  - Message From Our Outgoing President
  - Message From Our Incoming President
  - Christmas Meeting
  - Book Review “Origin, Development, and Dissolution of the German Colonies on the Black Sea via the Example of Kandel From 1808 until 1944 by Anton Bosch and Josef Lingor”
  - Easter Traditions
  - Member Musings - Artifacts - Can We Afford To Lose Them?
  - On The Road Again - Multicultural Fair - Lord Beaverbrook High School
  - Unser Leut
  - Websites
  - Special Speaker Dr Elvire Necker
  - Thank You, Nora
  - January 2012 Meeting Notes - Cooking Demo - Platchinda
        Golden Pumpkin Soup
  - A New Year New Officers Elected At Annual AGM
  - February 25, 2012 Elected Officers Completing Their Current Tenure
  - Officers Elected Feb 25, 2012 For Term 2012/2013
  - Annual General Reports Jan 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2011
         As Submitted At The AGM Saturday, Feb 25, 2012
  - Page of photos

Volume 20, Number 2 - June 2012  Back to top
  - Notes From The President
  - Notes From Your Editor
  - Membership
  - Chairs For The Board Room
  - Easter Meeting March 24, 2012
  - On The Road Again - AGS/AFHS Conference April 13 & 14, 2012 Red Deer, Alberta
  - Volga Boatman Lunch April 28, 2012 Speaker: Dr. Elvire Necker
  - On The Road Again - Multicultural Festival Crossroads Community Hall, Saturday, May 5, 2012
  - General meeting - Schmeckfest - May 26, 2012
  - Musings From The Web Page
  - Perks Along The Way To Board Meetings
  - Unser Leut
  - We Remember Beverley Jean Fischbuch
  - We Remember Roy Edward Kaiser
  - Was Kocht? (What's Cooking?) - Herald Of Spring - Rhubarb
            Rhubarb Custard Pie
            Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Volume 20, Number 3 - September 2012  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - AHSGR Convention 2012
  - Birthday And Anniversary Greetings, Get Well Wishes
  - Program Report
  - Membership
  - Keeping our history alive
  - Macklin - Centennial Bunnock Tournament

Volume 20, Number 4 - December 2012  Back to top
  - Notes from the President
  - Something New - A Christmas Show & Share Saturday, December 8, 2012
  - German From Russia Presentation - Sep 25, 2012 - Chinook Country Historical Society
  - Unser Leut
  - Program Report
  - 2013 Calgary Chapter Annual Membership Renewal
  - We Remember - Lydia Kuzina
  - Calgary Chapter Harvest Supper October 27, 2012
  - What's The Word From Other Chapters
  - From Kiechla to Beaver Tails
  - Passages - 250 Years - 1763 to 2013 Catherine's Manifesto, 35 Years - 1978 to 2013 AHSGR Calgary Chapter Anniversary
  - General Meeting - September 15, 2012
  - Website/Obituary File
  - General Meeting - Saturday, November 17, 2012
  - Wow! Another Milestone Heritage Connexions 20th Anniversary in 2013 of our Newsletter
  - Christmas by Roy Kaiser

Volume 21, Number 1 - March 2013  Back to top
  - Notes From The President
  - Urgent (Notice about a meeting)
  - What Is That Blue Canister For
  - December 8, 2012 Meeting Notes
  - A New Year ~ Annual AGM Meeting Notes February 23, 2013
  - Elected Officers - Current Tenure - Term 2013/2014
  - Annual General Reports Jan 1, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012
           As Submitted At The AGM Saturday, February 23, 2013
  - January 19, 2013 Meeting Notes - Cooking Demo - Nepfla
          Soup Dumplings
  - Sad Day, New Digs Good Day, New Digs
  - St Matthew Lutheran Church - Use of Space
  - Goodwill Report
  - Unser Leut
  - Membership
  - On The Road Again - Anne Stang - Speaking At Optimist Club
  - Crossroads Multicultural Festival
  - REQUEST - From Rita Darr - Sausage Soup With Rivvel

Volume 21, Number 2 - June 2013  Back to top
  - Notes From The President
  - Final Chapter Meeting at St. Matthew Lutheran Church Saturday, March 23, 2013
  - Milestones in 2013
  - April 2013 Chapter Library Moved From St. Matthew Lutheran Church To Ascension Lutheran Church
  - On the Road Again with apologies to Willy Nelson
           Calgary Regional Heritage Fair at Military Museum
  - On the Road Again - Historic Calgary Week
  - Unser Leut
  - Website/Obituary News
  - An Interview - With Victor Fisher
  - Saskatchewan German Council Publication
  - Facebook - Are You Signed Up
  - News From Headquarters - New Item for Sale
            AHSGR Heritage Playing Cards

Volume 21, Number 3 - September 2013  Back to top
  - Notes From The President
  - Saturday, September 21, 2013 Open House - 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  - Website/Obituary Files
  - 2013 Alberta 55-plus Summer Games Held in Barrhead and Westlock
  - In Memory - Alf Poffenroth
  - Unser Leut
  - Membership
  - On The Road Again - Annual Multicultural Festival
  - Special Summer Program - Pastor Leif Camp
  - Message From Your Newsletter Editor
  - The Dulcimer
  - On The Road Again - Visiting Victoria Chapter
  - Am I Really Me?
  - On The Road Again - Anne Stang Presents A Program for Historic Calgary Week
  - Was Kocht? Salaud Suppa Wilted Lettuce Soup, German Chocolate Sheet Cake with Coconut-Pecan Frosting
  - Annual Membership Information
          AHSGR Membership Headquarters - Lincoln, NE
          AHSGR Membership Calgary, Alberta - Chapter

Volume 21, Number 4 - December 2013  Back to top
  - Notes From The President
  - Edmonton Chapter AHSGR Meeting Wednesday, November 13, 2013
  - Aren't You Glad You Weren't Standing In The Way
  - Unser Leut
  - Harvest Supper Saturday, October 26, 2013
  - Membership
  - Website/Obituary File
  - Open House, Saturday, September 28, 2013
  - Elections - AGM - Saturday, February 22, 2014
  - A Note of Thanks
  - Venue Information
  - Save The Dates
         Christmas Meeting Saturday, December 7, 2013
         Regular Meeting Saturday, January ll, 2014
         Annual General Meeting Saturday, February 22, 2014 Fund Raiser
  - Jugendseite

Volume 22, Number 1 - March 2014  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Food Demo - Sauerkraut with whey and Kraut Bierocks by Anne Stang
  - Bierocks by Susan Kuzina
  - Sauerkraut Soup by Susan Kuzina's cousin
  - Goodwill Report
  - Annual General Reports Jan 1, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013
  - Special welcome to new Colorado Plains Chapter and Suttom Nebraska Chapter
  - Christmas Party December 2013 with photos
  - Note of resignation from Susan Kuzina
  - Library News - new collections and Russian pastors newsletters

Volume 22, Number 2 - June 2014  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - General Meeting - Marlene Michel's trip to Russia
  - Paths of Our Grandparents by Marjorie Olafson
  - User Leut Goodwill Report
  - Programs - upcoming general meeting
  - The Flour Sifter by Marian Benner
  - Recipe - Rye Bread from Lorraine Reppon
  - Website and Obituary Index update
  - The Fixture and the Hipster by Jeremy Klaszus

Volume 22, Number 3 - September 2014  Back to top
  - President's Column - news about the Chapter library moving upstairs
  - Sale of winning raffle ticket for convention quilt
  - My Presentation by Kyle Stang
  - Crossroads Multicultural Festival by Lori Bennett
  - Program Report - list of upcoming events
  - Goodwill Report - 65th Anniversary of the Penners
  - Meeting May 31 - And When They Shall Ask
  - Barns by Edwin Hilz
  - A Gene-Journey? / A Ramble? / Zustandig / Angehorig by Fritz Kiessling
  - Welk Homestead
  - Website/Obituary update
  - Recipe - Impossible Pumpkin Pie by Ray Reiss

Volume 22, Number 4 - December 2014  Back to top
  - President's Column - teaching Grade 4 students to play bunnock
  - Membership
  - Western Canada's Largest Genealogy Conference Kelowna & District Genealogical Society
  - Low German Speaking Mennonites in Southern Alberta by Peter Penner
  - How I Got Started Writing 60 Years Ago by Peter Penner
  - Harvest Supper
  - Talents and Ballardts General Meeting Sept 13
  - Unser Leut
  - Kitchen Update
  - Chapter Library Move
  - Website/Obituary Index update

Volume 23, Number 1 - March 2015  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Bunnock at "Global" Day
  - 50 Short Reasons to Attend the Convention
  - Bessarabians in AHSGR by Pastor Gutsche
  - Christmas Party Dec 2014 Die Singgemeinschaft
  - Website/Obituary Index update
  - Recipe - Verinega Casserole by Cheryl Siemens
  - Chinese New Year Celebrations Feb 8
  - Calgary Chapter AGM Meeting with Annual Reports
  - Cooking Demonstration - making noodles
  - Unsere Leut

Volume 23, Number 2 - June 2015  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Unsere Leut
  - Fingerfood Potluck - George Epp speaker
  - Climbing The Family Tree by Kareen (Funk) Holyer
  - Lye Soap
  - Grandma's Recipe For Doing The Family Wash
  - The Apron
  - Website/Obituary Index update
  - Obit - Hunt
  - AGS Conference Edmonton
  - Recipe - Poorman's Cake by Doris (Chudleigh) Armstrong
  - Calgary School History Fair
  - Family Research Seminar hosted by Vernon & District Family History Society

Volume 23, Number 3 - September 2015  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Butchering at the Farm by Edwin Hilz with photos
  - Dr Russell Schnell
  - Crossroads Multicultural Festival May 30
  - Goodwill Report
  - Distinguished Service Awards 46th AHSGR Convention - Recipients Leona Mann and Mabel Kiessling
  - Holodomore Talk May 30
  - Obit - Reiss
  - Germans from Russia Cultural Festivel Leader SK by Mel Bender
  - Website/Obituary Index update
  - Reunion - Alexandra School Dewinton AB by Cheryl Siemens
  - Historic Calgary Week Bridgeland Riverside Community Hall - launch of Marlene Michel's book

Volume 23, Number 4 - December 2015  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Alexandra School Reunion Sept 12 organized by Dianne Kniss with photos
  - Alexandra School Reunion - article in Okotoks Western Wheel
  - Membership
  - Goodwill Report
  - Alberta Quilt Discovery Project
  - Harvest Supper - special guest Barry Luft
  - Recipe - Pink Lady Pie by Cheryl Siemens
  - Website/Obituary Index update
  - Weihnachts - Glockchen - from Austrian-Canadian Society newsletter Dec/Jan 1998
  - Yagodnaya Polyana ("Yagada") Volga German Colonist Family Names and German Villages of Origin (Partial List)

Volume 24, Number 1 - March 2016  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - A Big Thank You
  - Happy Easter Greetings - German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian
  - Grebel by any other name = Yummy by Susan Kuzina
  - Recipe - Sweet Dough for Buns or Grebel from Anne Stang's sister Margaret
  - Calgary chapter AHSGR Christmas Party
  - Calgary Chapter AGM Reports Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015
  - Goodwill Report
  - Obits - Hergert, Carver, Dorscher
  - Zum Muttertage Mai 1935 On Mother's Day May 1935
  - When do archival records get digitized, and how is this funded?

Volume 24, Number 2 - June 2016  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - The Journey Begins for the Founders of Yagodnaya Polyana A Sesquicentennial   - Celebration 1766 - 2016 Leavenworth, Washington
  - Our Talented President, Marlene Michel
  - Goodwill Report
  - Spring Fling - DVD We (Never) Don't Forget
  - Programming, Website News, Obituary Index
  - Was Kocht? - Kuchen (Pie) by Shirley Drysdale
  - Multicultural Festival Crossroads Community Association

Volume 24, Number 3 - September 2016  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Programming Report - upcoming conference
  - Goodwill Report
  - Obits - Obee, Fisher
  - Passing of an Executive - Leona Mann
  - Bridgeland Riverside Historic Walk & Historic Calgary Week
  - Website News, Obituary Index
  - Anne's Noteworthies - Anne Stang won Honorable Mention for her entry in the convention Storytelling Contest
  - 100 Way to Volunteer with the Calgary Chapter
  - Techie Bits - photos
  - The Places of Origin of the Member of the first German Lutheran Congregation in Calgary 1901 - 1903

Volume 24, Number 4 - December 2016  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Volga German Conference
  - Goodwill Report
  - Obits - Hunt, Rohl, Thurn, Schnell
  - Former Chapter President Passes - Bonnie Laing
  - Was Kocht? - Lebkuchen (Cookies) - by Shirley Drysdale's mother
  - Programming Report
  - Harvest Supper
  - Obituary Index, Website News
  - Article: Library for Canadian Germans from Russia books and records

Volume 25, Number 1 - March 2017  Back to top
  - President's Column - Family History Fair, Conference Leavenworth, Usu Leut Our People published.
  - AHSGR Library Offerings - AHSGR Librarian
  - Translation Project - Anne Stang
  - Book Review - Wolfe und Sonnenblumen, Der Zug in die Freiheit
  - Pier 21 by Marlene Michel
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Rose Marie McLean (nee Butler), Horst Gutsche, Eugene Sovary
  - Christmas Party December 10 by Edwin Hilz
  - Was Kocht? Raspberry - Walnut Linzer Bar by Sheila Heinrich
  - Backe Backe Kuchen
  - Kitchen Note
  - Food Demonstration - cabbage rolls
  - Website News, Obituary Index
  - Calgary Chapter AGM February 25 summary
  - Alexander Scheiermann in Russia
  - Waiting For Waldemar screening

Volume 25, Number 2 - June 2017  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Waiting for Waldemar showing
  - Bitter Harvest the film showing
  - Norka Russia - video Mary 9 at Chapter
  - Show & Share Meeting April 1
  - May 6 Meeting by Donna Bolan
  - Show & Share - how to do a presentation
  - The End of an Era St John Lutheran Church by Marlene Michel
  - Was Kocht? - Crumb Cake by Shirley Drysdale
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Henry Schnell, Catherine Vetter
  - Program Report - upcoming meetings
  - Multicultural Festival Crossroads Community Association May 27
  - Biographical Directory of Clergy Letter from Manfred Prokop
  - Memories or, "The origin of my suspenders" by Fritz Kiessling
  - Argentina Words - comparing German, Argentina, Canada

Volume 25, Number 3 - September 2017  Back to top
  - President's Column - Milwaukee Convention
  - Canada Day at the Genesis Centre July 1
  - Program Report - upcoming meetings
  - Bridgeland Riverside Historic Calgary Week
  - GRHS 47th Annual International Convention Bismarck July 12-16 by Melvin Bender
  - Rehabilitation Society of Calgary Display August 25
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Howard, Krushel, Mary Tiede, Elsie Kromm
  - Genealogy Information
  - Was Kocht? Cottage Cheese Perogies (Vareniki) by Lianne Germaine
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - The Provincial Archives
  - Volga German Conference September 16 - Agenda

Volume 25, Number 4 - December 2017  Back to top
  - President's Column - Steve Schreiber, Brent Mai, Strathmore presentation
  - Hempel History Day in Strathmore, Alberta by Doug and Mae McFarland
  - Volga German Conference September 16 by Pam Beaton (Moore)
  - Volga German Conference September 16 by Edwin Hilz
  - What On Earth Is Bunnock?
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Elfriede Fisher, Helena Lahnert, Elsa Unterschultz, Ruth Fech, Tova Yedlin
  - Program Report - upcoming meetings
  - AHSGR website
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Was Kocht? Stollen
  - New Book Purchase - Red Famine by Anne Applebaum

Volume 26, Number 1 - March 2018  Back to top
  - President's Report - Video Norka: A Passage in Time
  - A Palm Sunday Tradition by Anne Stang
  - Russian Germans Seeking Family History - and traditional recipes (Albertaner in German/English)
  - Recipe - Potato Pancakes
  - DNA Testing
  - What's in a source? Source citation in Genealogy
  - A gift of Very Great Value by John Althouse
  - We Remember - Roy Buss, Don McLean, Leo Rast, Milton Darr, Norman Altenhof, Art Flegel
  - A Series - Small Items Big Memories The Mixer by Susan Kuzina
  - Christmas Party December 9
  - Calgary Chapter AGM February 24 Review
  - Cochrane Family History Day March 17

Volume 26, Number 2 - June 2018  Back to top
  - President's Column - Convention Hayes, Kansas, Chapter 40th Anniversary
  - Rooster Tales - by Susan Kuzina
  - Was Kocht? Horseradish reprinted Bro. Placid Gross article
  - Goodwill - We Remember Alfred George Ogston, Dr. Homer Rudolf
  - Show & Share Meeting May 5
  - Waiting for Waldemar showing at Chapter
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - A Bit of Chapter History

Volume 26, Number 3 - September 2018  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Calgary Chapter AHSGR 40th Anniversary Conference
  - Highlights 49th Convention in Hays, Kansas
  - Goodwill Report
  - Finding My Unknown Family by Adena Bauer
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Calgarian helped free McCain from Hanoi Hellhole reprinted from Calgary Herald

Volume 26, Number 4 - December 2018  Back to top
  - President's Column - Journaling your memories
  - Our "Storied" Harvest Lunch October 20
  - Book Review Between Shades of Gray
  - 40h Anniversary Genealogy Conference Medicine Hat October 12-14
  - Chapter Christmas Party December 8
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Alex Sieppert
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Threshing November 1
  - Was Kocht? Advent Recipe Grated Potato Pancakes (Argentina)
  - Program Report - meetings update
  - Memory Book - photos of 40th Anniversary
  - "The Spirit of Christmas" Concert Die Singgemeinschaft December 11

Volume 27, Number 1 - March 2019  Back to top
  - President's Column - Roots Tec conference
  - Was Kocht? Flapper Pie by Viola Giesbrecht
  - Memory by Phil Rohl (flapper pie)
  - An Odd Law Affecting Some Of Our Ancestors
  - Calgary Chapter AGM February 23 Review
  - Chapter Library
  - Summary of Calgary Chapter Events Since The 25th Anniversary in 2003
  - How to feed your inner genealogist by Karen Sherlock reprinted from UofA magazine

Volume 27, Number 2 - June 2019  Back to top
  - President's Column - genealogy future, 50th Anniversary AHSGR Convention
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Eric Sauer
  - Was Kocht? Beet Relish by Lorraine Reppon
  - Spring Fling May 25
  - My Hard Life Emma Malsam by Anne Stang
  - German Russian Humor April 13
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Lutheran Church Urals, Siberia & Far East Report February
  - Countries in GR languages
  - Countries in GR languages crossword

Volume 27, Number 3 - September 2019  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Our Golden Jubilee 50 Years of Research (AHSGR)
  - Germans from Russia Youth Carrying on the Musical Tradition
  - Provincial Archives Trip June 12 by Barb Cook
  - Goodwill - 60th Wedding Anniversary Szepesi reprinted from Calgary Herald
  - Old Bridgeland Days reprinted from Bridgeland-Riverside Newsletter
  - Library News - special visitors
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Was Kocht? Peach Kuchen North Star AHSGR cookbook
  - September Meeting Raffle
  - Program Report - upcoming meetings

Volume 27, Number 4 - December 2019  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Our Golden Jubilee 50 Years of Research A Continuation
  - German-Russian Games September 4
  - Down Memory Lane - Grade 4 students playing bunnock
  - Harvest Lunch/Dinner October 19
  - Goodwill Report
  - Recipe - Corn and Pea Salad by Elayne Spate
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Deutschen/Polen HSGPV German Movie October 5
  - Glenbow Western Research Centre Tour October 16
  - AHSGR Lincoln Activity Report October
  - Two Former Members - Bonnie Laing, Jeremy Klaszus
  - Photos with Catherine the Great

Volume 28, Number 1 - March 2020  Back to top
  - My Last President's Column
  - Vice President - Pam Beaton
  - Secretary - Sheila Heinrich
  - Treasurer - Gerry Sieb
  - Current Fundraising Project
  - Flax by Susan Kuzina
  - Molasses Muffins with Flax and Dates - Susan Kuzina
  - Chapter Christmas Party
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Lois Fester
  - Calgary Chapter AGM Feb 22 Review
  - Telus Wise Seniors Workshop Jan 11, 2020
  - Library Notice - Lost Books Where Did My Ancestors Come From
  - Reprinted article Southern California Chapter Newsletter 4/20/2010

Volume 28, Number 2 - June 2020  Back to top
  - Editor's Message by Mabel Kiessling - Pandemic protocols
  - Member Profile - Cheryl Siemens
  - Light For All by Anne Stang
  - Reprinted from The Senior Paper Aug 2013
  - Goodwill Report
  - BRCA Heritage Committee by Mabel Kiessling
  - Book Review - "An Exodus to a Land of Promise" by Sheila Heinrich

Volume 28, Number 3 - September 2020  Back to top
  - Meeting Message by Adena Bauer/Marlene Michel - social distancing
  - Historical Records and the Science of DNA - The Perfect match! By Larry McDougall (Kromm-Reule)
  - Harvest and Horseradish by Sheila and Ken Heinrich
  - Prepared Horseradish
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Matilda Forsyth

Volume 28, Number 4 - December 2020  Back to top
  - Cooking with Fritz by Marlene Michel - Food Demo via Zoom (First such meeting with OK Chapter)
  - Viennese Nockerl Recipe by Fritz Kiessling
  - Goodwill - We Remember - Odelia Ell, Seija Kromm
  - Odds and Ends
  - Book Report "The Winter Palace" by Kay Carver
  - More on Cooking with Fritz
  - AHSGR Lincoln meetings via Zoom
  - Calgary Chapter 2021 AGM - need a President
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Chapter Library - resources and lost books
  - Statement of Understanding - Sister Chapter Central Oklahoma Chapter
  - Joint Planning Meeting - Christmas traditions

Volume 29, Number 2 - March 2021  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Goodwill Report
  - Zoom Programs and Meetings:
       Dutch Hop Documentary
       German Advent Service
       Northern Colorado Chapter Christmas Party
       Central Oklahoma Chapter Hobbies
       Treffen Tuesday - German Russians and the Gulags of Kazakhstan
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Marilyn Murray: Helping Russians Save Families by Mabel Kiessling
  - Was Kocht? - Grebble (Twisted Donuts) and Kuchen from Elsie Kromm, Fruit Soup, Schweitzer Kuechela by Mabel Kiessling
  - The Edmonton Chapter of AHSGR was founded in 1981

Volume 29, Number 2 - June 2021  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Goodwill Report
  - Programming Activity
  - Regina Chapter AHSGR
  - Recipe - Russian Vegetable Pie - Idea from the "Red Sparrow" spy novel by Anne Stang
  - Treasure or Trouble? - "German History in Pictures"
  - A Mystery by Anne Stang ("Record of Registration of Death" for a Zavier Neisenbeck
  - Zoom Programs and Meetings:
       Importance of Obituaries for Genealogists
       Gardening and Preserving
       Treffen Tuesday - How to get more Information from Newspapers
       OK Chapter "Maanzerisch, Schwabisch, Schwiezerdutsch, a little dialect fun"
       Koffee Klatch - Sauerkraut, Butchering/Sausage Making, Chickens
       NDSU Michael Miller and Jeremy Kopp
       Brain Teaser
       Translation Tools
       German Practice
  - German Practice by Mabel Kiessling
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Book Review - compilation of data on Danube Swabian Settlers
  - Reprinted from German Genealogy Society Newsletter Feb 2021 pg 7
  - From "The Western Producer" July 6, 2000 - Folklore sayings
  - AHSGR Calgary Chapter Puzzle

Volume 29, Number 3 - September 2021  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - 2022 Membership Drive
  - It Started With A Pontoon Ride by Susan Kuzina
  - Remembering Our Heritage by Susan Kuzina
  - Recipe - Rhubarb Marmalade Kuzina Family Recipe by Susan Kuzina
  - Book Report - "Dear American Brother"
  - Goodwill Report
  - Website News/Obituary Index

Volume 29, Number 4 - December 2021  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - 2022 Membership Drive
  - Ed Poffenroth by Cheryl Siemens
  - Reprinted from Okotoks Today newspaper "Centenarian helped Okotoks lead a Dawgs' life"
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Norman Fox, Egon Rapp, Paul Rehmann, Albert Giesbrecht, Peter Penner
  - What is on Our Shelf? "Alla Lizzie", "Red Notice", "Historical Atlas of East Central Europe"
  - Was Kocht? Sugar Cookies, Lebkuchen by Shirley Drysdale
  - Website news/Obituary Index
  - Programming Update - no in-person meetings
  - Flour Mill
  - Zoom Programs and Meetings:
       GR Villages in Argentina
       Treffen Tuesday - Through Grandfather's Eyes -"Postcards are a window to the past"
       AHSGR Technology Strategy
       Share and Share Alike: The Rules of Genealogical Privacy" at German Genealogy Society
  - Notes by Mabel Kiessling
  - Meine Weihnachtliche Geschichte by Fritz Kiessling

Volume 30, Number 1 - March 2022  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Calgary chapter Kitchen
  - Goodwill Report
  - Organizing photos - by Anne Stang
  - Wass Kocht? A Little History on Sauerkraut
  - Reprinted from Calgary Chapter Newsletter September 1999
  - Lazy Man's Cabbage Rolls by Shirley Drysdale
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Past Zoom Programs and Meetings:
       Writing a Genealogy Book - Methods, Resources & Rewards of Writing
       Roots of Medicine: Czech, Slovak & Rusyn Folk Remedies & Our Ancestors' Approach to Health
       Go North Young Man Immigration from the US to the Canadian Prairies 1896 to 1914
       Treffen Tuesday Wiki Tree
       History of the Jagoders Who Came to Calgary
       One Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools
  - Do you have Information? - looking for member information
  - Extras in the Chapter Library - journals
  - Notes: US copyright, folklore saying, found in early newspapers

Volume 30, Number 2 - June 2022  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - First In-Person Meeting of 2022
  - A Message From Your Executive Committee - volunteer positions available
  - Goodwill - We Remember Alex Leeb, Mary Kwong
  - Book Report "Memories from a Russian Kitchen: From Shtetl to Golden Land" By S. Roud
  - Colorado Article Excerpt from the President's Message by Lauren Brantner
  - Reprinted from Northern Colorado Chapter Newsletter March 2022
  - German-Canadian Studies
  - What to save? By Robyn Morales - digitization
  - Notes - interesting tidbits of information
  - Beiseker Centennial Celebrations June 10-12
  - Beiseker's Centennial Celebration by Mae McFarland
  - Unidentified Person by Larry Kromm

Volume 30, Number 3 - September 2022  Back to top
  - President's Column
  - Schule Park and Early German Residents- BRCA Heritage
  - Puffed Wheat by Mabel Kiessling
  - Calder's noisy industry by Keith Dryden reprinted from The Western Producer December 16, 1999
  - Washed Wheat by Fritz Kiessling
  - Flour Mill
  - Goodwill Report
  - Wass Kocht? Head Cheese by Shirley Drysdale
  - Website News/Obituary Index

Volume 30, Number 4 - December 2022  Back to top
  - The President's Message
  - The Calgary Chapter AHSGR is Back! - First in-person meeting since the Pandemic
  - Harvest Lunch
  - Goodwill Report - We Remember Doreen Carlson, Jean Rosabel Haydt, Lucy Bichel
  - Recipe: Cheese Spread
  - Recipe: Spundekaes by Sheila & Ken Heinrich
  - Website News/Obituary Index
  - Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association - history on their website
  - Book "Surviving Mother Nature's Tests"
  - Newsletter Editor Retiring by Mabel Kiessling
  - Michael M Miller Retires
  - Driver was dressed for the chill by Anne Stang, reprinted from "The Senior Newspaper"
  - The End of the Calgary General Hospital and its Legacy by Deb Lee, reprinted from the BRCA Newsletter