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1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga (Book-Hard)
Economy, Population, Agriculture, Volume 1 and 2
by Brent Alan Mai

1834 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana in the District of Saratov, Russia (Book-Soft)
by Brent Mai

1834 Description of Kopenka (Book-Soft)
A Colony located in the Saratov region of Russia Known by the Germans as Volmer
by Angela Gartner

The 1850 Description of Kopenka (Book-Soft)
A Colony located in the Saratov region of Russia known by the Germans as Volmer
by Angela Gartner

1857 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana (Softcover)
In the District of Saratov, Russia
Translated by Dr Brent Mai, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut

2005 Visit Jagodnaya Poljana (DVD)
by Sandra Stelter

No. 2842 The 1798 Description of The Saratov (Book-Soft)
Colony of Kopenka aka Volmer No. 123
by AHSGR - Lincoln

Alexander and Marie Reschny (Book-Soft)

Alexander Pfaffenroth, Unterluess, Germany (Video)
Speaker at Calgary Chapter Meeting September 9, 2000

Atlas of Saratov & Surrounding Area (Book-Hard)
(in Russian Cyrillic)

Aussiedler Tape Series Number 51 and 56 (Book-Soft/Monograph)
by Wolf and Dell

Blatz & Stang Family Stories (Softcover)
by Arthur Blatz, Kiel, Germany

Brunnental, Russia (Duotang)
(Names of persons in Bridgeland area who came from Brunnental, Russia)

Catherine's Grandchildren (Book-Soft)
A Short History of the Russian Germans Under Soviet Rule
by J. Otto Pohl

Chronology of the German Colonies in Russia (Duotang)
With Emphasis on the Volga Germans

Colorado Life (Magazine)
September/October 2017
Pg 38-46 "The hidden history of Colorado's Germans from Russia"
Pg 49-51 "From the Volga to the South Platte Heirloom recipes"

Concordia Connection Summer 2009 (Magazine)
Pg 14 "Journeys" Featuring the Saga of the Volga Germans
Portland, Oregon

Conquering the Wind (Book-Soft)
An Epic Migration from the Rhine to the Volga to the Plains of Kansas
by Amy Brungardt Toepfer & Agnes Diedling

The Czar's Germans (Book-Hard)
With Particular Reference to the Volga Germans
by Hattie Plum Williams

Cross Continental Journeys (Duotang)
German-Russians in North America
by Faye Reineberg Holt

Customs and Folklore of the Volga Germans (Binder)
The 1967 - 1968 Homeland Book of Germans from Russia
Pgs 145 - 209
by Pastor Eduard Seib

Das Essen Unsrer Leute (Book-Soft)
Compiled by the Volga German Society of Hays, Kansas
edited by Mrs Alvin Dortland

Das Leben an der Volga (Book-Hard (in German))
Chronik der Kolonie Josefstal Kanton Erlenbach
by Alexander-Josef Dreser (Deutschland) Edward Gerk (Kanada)

Deutsche Lieder (German Songs) (CD)
Sung by Wendelin Stang in Volga Dialect
And Young German Singers 3-82 Kintyre, ND

Dietel (Duotang)
Prepared by Brent Mai

Dispatch of Settlers to Saratov (Book-Soft)
For Settlement 02 Mar 1764

Dispatch of Settlers to Saratov (Book-Soft)
For Settlement May 12, 1764

Dispatch of Settlers to Saratov (Book-Soft)
For Settlement January 4, 1765

Dispatch of Settlers to Saratov (Book-Soft)
For Settlement May 16, 1773 No. 3

Down the Volga in a Time of Trouble (Book-Hard)
A Journey revealing the People and Heartland of Post-Perestroika Russia
by Marq de Villers

Dutch Hop Music (CD)
by Paul Weingardt and Adolph Lesser

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Primary German Villages of the Volga Region (Map)
by Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 1 Kolonien Anton-Franzosen
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 2 Kolonien Galka-Kutter
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 3 Kolonien Laub-Preuss
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 4 Kolonien Reinhardt-Warenburg
by Igor Pleve

Ellis Island Manifests for the City and Province of Saratov (Softcover)

Emma's Thesis - The German-Russians on the Volga and in the United States (Book-Soft)
by Emma Schwabenland Haynes

Falkenstein A History (Duotang)
Volga, Through Europe, To Canada
by Greg Falkenstein

Familienchronik-Album (Book-Soft)
by Arthur Blatz, translated by Anne Stang

The First Contingents of Volga Germans in Argentina (Duotang)
A Historical Approach
by Jorge Luis Goettig, translated and adapted by Jorge Bohn

Frank (Duotang)

Frank: A German Colony on the Volga (Book-Soft)
by Dr. Igor R. Pleve

Fremde Heimat (Book-Soft) (in German)
Errinnerungen an Jagodnaya Poljana
Ein deutsche Dorf an der Woga
by Alwina Meiber

From Privileged to Dispossessed (Book-Hard)
The Volga Germans, 1860-1917
by James W. Long

From the Volga Steppes to the Western Prairies (Book-Soft)
Spady Family History
by George Spady

The Gartner Story in Canada (Softcover)
by Marian Press, Battleford, Saskatchewan

The German Colonies on the Volga: (Book-Soft)
The Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
by Igor R. Pleve

The German Colonies on the Lower Volga (Book-Hard)
Their Origin and Early Development
by Gottlieb Beratz

German Migration to the Russian Volga (1764 - 1767) (Book-Hard)
Origins and Destinations
by Brent Alan Mai, Dona Reeves-Marquardt

Germans in the Land of the Volga (Book-Soft)
by Peter Sinner

German Russian Villages in the Volga Region Version 2 (CD)
by Hart Postlethwaite

The Great-Grandparents of Yagodnaya Polyana, Russia (Book-Soft)
The John Conrad Fuchs, John Ward Schmick, and Related Family Histories
by Gary August Fuchs

Her Golden Door (Book-Soft)
A novel of the Volga Germans Who followed Their Dreams to America
by Calvin E. Nuss

History of the Volga German Colonists (Book-Hard)
by Jacob E. Dietz

A History of the Volga Relief Society (Book-Soft)
by Emma Schwabenland Haynes

Holstein/Werchnaja Kulalinka Church Records (Book-Soft)
Births 1799-1849 Deaths 1800-1852 Deaths 1799-1849

Holstein/Werchnaja Kulalinka (Duotang)
Letter & Village Information and Photograph

Huck (Duotang)

Hussenbach Review (Book-Soft)
Volume 1 - 1 June 1994 Thru
Volume 5 - 4 March 1999
by Louise Potter, Village Coordinator
Paul A Lais, editor

Jacob's House (Book-Soft)
Lugovaya Gryaznukha (Schulz), Russia
by Fred Zitzer

Jagoda Food Scrapbook (Book-Soft)
recipes, stories, picture
by Sandra (Schierman) Stelter

Jagodnaya Polyana Dialect Skits (Binder)
German-Russian & English
c/w cassette
by Elsie/Elsa/Alf

John Biel Returns: (DVD)
A Visit to the Volga German Villages

Journals of J E Dietz (Book-Soft)
(May-August 1909)
Edited by Igor Pleve, translation by Yulia Tsymbal

Karte der deutschen Siedlungen im Wolgagebiet (Map)
by Dr Karl Stumpp

Konschuh Story and Genealogy (Book-Soft)
Our ancestors and us
by Valentin Konschuh (in German, English & Russian)

Kraft (Duotang)

Kraft - a Report for the 24th International AHSGR Convention (Softcover)
June 21-27, 1993 Denver, CO.
by Tracy Hume, Village Coordinator

Lest We Forget (Book-Soft)
The Memories of a Prairie Pioneer
by Wendelin J. Stang

Letter From Russia 1916-1934 (Duotang)
by Herman J Blatz

Letters from Hell, Huck Starvation Letters 1921-1933 (Duotang)

Letters from Hell (Book-Soft)
An Index to Volga-German Famine Letters
Published in Die Welt Post 1920-1925: 1930-1934
compiled by Samuel D. Sinner

Lutheran Inheritage (Video in both German & Russian)
Rebuilding the church in Saratov

Lutheran Inheritage (Video)
The Volga Lutherans Seminary AD 2001 Novosibirsk

Memories - Humor of a Second generation Volga American (Book-Soft)
by Calvin E. Nuss

Memories-Humor of a Second Generation Volga American (Book-Soft)
by Calvin E. Nuss

Memories of a Prairie Pioneer (Book-Soft)
Lest We Forget 2nd Edition
by Wendelin J Stang

Memories of the Aussiedler (Book-Soft)
by Project Director, Jo Ann Kuhr

My Hard Life (Book-Soft)
by Emma Malsam
translated by Anne Stang

Norka, Russia - What's Available for Information and Research (Softcover)
Casper, WY 2008
by AHSGR Convention

Norka - A German Village in Russia (2 copies) (Softcover)
Edited by Marie Miller Olson and Anna Miller Reisbeck

Norka: A Passage in Time (DVD & Softcover)
c/w A Study Guide to Accompany the Film
by Amber Kirkendall & Sherry Pawelko

Our ancestors from Yagodnaya Polyana and its Daughter Colonies(Book-Soft)
by Marlene Michel

Over the Viaduct (Book-Soft)
Or Across the Tracks, To Memory Lane We Go...
by Vemmy (Loos) Nielsen

Passports to Freedom (Book Soft)
The State Archives of the Saratov Region, Russia
by AHSGR Lincoln NE

Pilgrims On The Earth (Book-Hard)
A German-Russian Chronicle
by Richard D Scheuerman

Pobotschnaya, Saratov, Russia, a "Muttercolonie" Mother Colony(Duotang)
and Schoenfeldt, Samara, Russia, a "Tochtercolonie" Daughter Colony

"Realizing My Dream" (Video)
Walking the Land in the Volga Villages August 1991 Tape 1
Ivdel in the Ural Mountains Tape 2

with Elaine Frank Davison

The Road to: Jagodnaja Poljana 1994 (Video)
Russian/German, May/June 1998
Dimitri's Video - Yagada - May 1998

Rusho Trip to Russia (Video)
From slides of Saratov and Yagodnaya Poolyana (Pre 1997)

Saratov, Russia (Duotang)
Kalender der Russlanddeutschen (in German & Russian)
Map of Saratov (in Russian)
Museums of the Saratov Region (in Russian-Foreward in Russian & English)

Secret Criminal Proceedings against the Last Volga German Government (Book-Soft)
During the Years 1944-46
by Dr. Viktor Krieger

Sister Dorothy Stang-Brazil (Duotang)
Memorial booklet & 23 pages of information

Tanz mit mir, M├Ądchen von der Volga (CD)
Deutsche Volkslieder aus Russland Album 3
by Landsmanschaft der Deutschen aus Russland

There is Always Room For One More
Volga German Stories and Recipes
by Rebecca Nab Young

Thunder on the Steppe (Book-Soft)
Volga German Folklife in a Changing Russia
by Timothy J. & Rosalinda Kloberdanz

Transport of the Volga Germans from Oranienbaum (Book-Soft)
to the Colonies on the Volga 1766-1767
translated & Edited by Brent Alan Mai

Usu Leut vo Jagada (Book-Soft)
Vol.1 Issue 1 to Vol.26 No.1

Usu Leut vo Jagada (Binder)
Vol.26 No.2 to current

Value Meals on the Volga (Book-Soft)
by Anna Dalhaimer Bartkowski (Mariental)

Vladivostok (Duotang)
Germans in Vladivostok: Yesterday and Today 1998/2000/2001

Volga German Intellectuals (Monograph)
As Victims of Political Persecutions
by Dr. Victor Krieger

Volga German Republic (Softcover)
1964 Homeland Book of Germans from Russia
Pages 64-76
by Dr Matthias Hagin

Volga German Traditions (Book-Soft)
by Lawrence Weigel

The Volga-Germans of Michigan's Thumb (Book-Soft)
by Bill Picklehaupt

The Volga Germans in Old Russia and in Western North America: (Book-Soft)
Their Changing World View
by Timothy J. Kloberdanz

The Volga Germans (Book-Hard)
Pioneers of the Northwest
by Richard D. Scheuerman & Clifford E. Trafzer

The Volga Germans in Russia and the Americas (Book-Hard)
From 1763 to the Present
by Fred C. Koch

The Volga Lifeline of Russia (Book-Hard)
by Elva Jean Hall & Emil Weiss

Wind in The Face (Monograph)
by Eugen N. Miller

Wir Wollen Deutsche Bleiben (Book-Soft)
The Story of the Volga Germans
by George J., Christopher & Charles Walters

Yagodnaya Polyana (DVD)
September 18, 2013
by Marlene Michel

Yagodnaya Polyana (Duotang)
14 pages 1994 & 1995

Yagodnaya Polyana (Book-Soft)
No. 2792 A Description of the Colony No. 73
by AHSGR Lincoln

Yagodnaya Polyana (Book-Soft)
Daughter and Granddaughter Colonies
compiled by Kristen (Hanneman) Ball

The Yagoder User Leut (Cassette)
by Members of the Calgary Chapter

Yagodnaya Polyana Village Map C1900 (Map)
by Richard D. Scheuerman