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Russian History

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Across Russia From the Baltic to the Danube (1891) Russia (Book-Hard)
by Charles Augustus Stoddard

The Age of Absolutism 1660-1815 (Book-Soft)
by Max Beloff

Bloodlands (Book Soft)
Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
by Timothy Snyder

Catherine Empress of ALL THE RUSSIAS (Book-Hard)
by Vincent Cronin

Catherine, The Royal Diaries (Book-Hard)
The Great Journey Russia, 1743
by Kristiana Gregory

Catherine's Grandchildren (Book-Soft)
A Short History of the Russian Germans Under Soviet Rule
by J. Otto Pohl

The Czar's Germans (Book-Hard)
by Hattie Plum Williams

From Catherine to Khrushchev (Book-Soft)
by Adam Giesinger (2 copies)

From Chevhov To The Revolution (Book-Soft)
Russian Literature 1900-1917
by Marc Slonim

The Dark Abyss of Exile (Book-Soft)
A Story of Survival
by Ida Bender

The Experiences of Soviet Citizens of German Ethnicity (Monograph)
During and After the Second World War
by Stephanie Hoffman

The Germans under the Tsars, Lenin and Stalin (Book-Soft)
by John (Johannes) Phillips

Gone Without a Trace (Book-Soft)
German Russian Women in Exile
by Nelly Daes, translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland

Gulag A History (Book-Soft)
by Anne Applebaum

The Harvest of Sorrow (Book-Soft)
Soviet Collectivization and The Terror-Famine
by Robert Conquest

A History of Russia (Book-Hard)
Fourth Edition, Completely Revised
by George Vernadsky

A History of Soviet Russia (Book-Hard)
by Georg Von Rauch,
translated by Peter and Annette Jacobsohn

Imperial Russia, A Source Book 1700-1917 (Book-Soft)
Edited by Basil Dmytryshyn

Islands of Wild Life (Book-Hard)
Moscow Sovetskaya Rossiya (in Cyrillic)

Letters From The Dead (Book-Hard)
Last Letters From Soviet Men and Women Who Died Fighting the Nazis (1941-1945)
Translation by Jim Riordan

The Life of Lenin (Book-Hard)
by Louis Fischer

The Man Who Changed The World (Book-Hard)
The Lives of Mikhail S. Gorbachev
by Gail Sheehy

Miracles of Grace and Judgement (Book-Hard)
A Family strives for survival during the Russian Revolution
by Gerhard P. Schroeder

Moscow Under The Skin (Book-Hard)
by Vero Roberti

The Nation Killers (Book-Soft)
A Study of Genocide in Stalin's Russia
by Robert Conquest

The New Russians (Book-Hard)
by Hedrick Smith

Nicholas and Alexandra (Book-Hard)
An Intimate Account of the Last of the Romanovs and the Fall of Imperial Russia
by Robert K. Massie

The Old God Still Lives (Book-Soft)
Ethnic Germans in Czarist and Soviet Ukraine Write their American Relatives 1915-1924
by Ron Vossler

The Open Wound (Book-Soft)
The Genocide of German Ethnic Minorities in Russia and the Soviet Union 1915 - 1949 and Beyond
by Samuel D Sinner

Ordinary Russians (Book-Hard)
by Barry Broadfoot

Research Guide to Russian and Soviet Censuses (Book-Hard)
by Ralph S Clem, Editor

Russian History Chronology (Duotang)
by Dale Lee Wahl

The Russian National Census of 1897 (Softcover)
Pgs 29-39
by Thomas K. Edlund

Russia 1917, The February Revolution (Book-Hard)
by Georg Katkov

Russian Rebels 1600-1800 (Book-Soft)
by Paul Avrich

The Russian Revolution (Book-Hard)
by Lionel Kochan

The Tiger (Book-Hard)
A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
by John Vaillant

Touring the U.S.S.R. (Duotang)
A Land of Change and Challenge Aug. 1-22, 1990
by John P. Nickel

The Tragedy of the Soviet Germans (A Story of Survival) (Book-Soft)
by John Phillips

The Tsar's Last Armada The Epic Voyage to the Battle of Tsusima (Book-Soft)
How Russia Lost the Pacific to the Japanese
By Constantine Pleshakov

Voices From The Gulag (Book-Soft)
The Oppression Of The German Minority in The Soviet Union
by Ulrich Merten

A Window Into The Iron Curtain (Book-Soft)
A Series of Interviews With Russian-German Displaced Persons (DP's)
Who Fled Russia During World War II, 1941