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150 Jahre Schwaebische Kolonisten in der Bucovina 1787-1937 (in German) (Book-Soft)
25 und 26 September 1937
Reprinted by Raimund Friedrich Kaindl Gesellschaft eV 1987
c/w English notes by Betty Land

1852 Kutschurgan Census (Book-Soft)
Selz, Kandel, Baden, Strassburg, Mannheim, Elsass

Alexanderdorf (Duotang)
History & Names of Occupants on Village Plan

Alexanderdorf Village Map

Alt Elft - The Homeland in Words and in Photos (Binder)
150th Anniversary August 1966
by Otto Lehmann, Sr Author

Alt Postal (Book-Soft)
Bessarabian District 1859 Census
A Project of Germans from Russia Heritage Society

Arzis in Bessarabia 1816-1966 (in German) (Binder)
by Alfred Ziebart

Azerbaijan Research (Duotang)

Beresina (Binder)
Written by Jacob Becker, Sexton-Teacher (1967)
Translated by Mr Herbert Benjamin Loeffelbein (1993)
Edited by Horst W Gutsche (2013)

Borodino (Book-Soft)
Bessarabian District 1859 Census
A Project of Germans from Russia Heritage Society

Borodino in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Dr. Ernst Hoeger

Brunnental, Russia (names of persons from Bridgeland area who came from Brunnental, Russia) (Duotang)

Bukovina Germans (Book-Soft)
by Irma Bornemann

Bukovina Villages/Towns/Cities and Their Germans (Book-Soft)
by Sophie A Welisch

Catholic Church of Rosenthal, Crimea (Softcover)
Baptisms 1847 - 1865
Translation & Extraction by Aubrey Marthaller

Caucasus (Duotang)

Crimea (Krim) (Duotang)

Das Bukowina-Institut in Augsburg Band 1 (in German)(Book-Soft)
by Johannes Hampel/Ortfried Kotzian (Hrsg)

Das Leben an der Volga (Book-Hard)
Chronik der Kolonie Josefstal Kanton Erlenbach
by Alexander-Josef Dreser (Deutschland) Edward Gerk (Kanada) (in German)

Die evangelischen Gemeinden in der Bukowina (in German) (Book-Soft)
Aufbau und Ende (II Teil)
by Edgar Meuller

Dietel (Duotang)
Prepared by Brent Mai

Eichendorf in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Hugo Haefner

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 1 Kolonien Anton-Franzsen
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 2 Kolonien Galka-Kutter
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 3 Kolonien Laub-Preuss
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764 - 1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 4 Kolonien Reinhardt - Warenburg
by Igor Pleve

European legal-size file of Bukovina material (includes 7 maps)

Expropriation of Land from the Germans in Volhynia 1915 (Book-Soft)
Translated & Edited by Prof. Brent Alan Mai

Frank (Duotang)

Frank: A German Colony on the Volga (Book-Soft)
by Dr. Igor R. Pleve

Fremde Heimat (Book-Soft)
Errinerungen an Jagodnaja Poljana
Ein deutsche Dorf an der Wolga
by Alwina Meiber

Friedensfeld in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Ernst Necker

Friedenstal in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Friedrich Ernst

Friedrichsfeld in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Ernst Hoeger, Erwin Heer, Wilhelm Schaupp and Artur Schock

Gammalsvenskyby - The True Story of the Swedish Settlement in the Ukraine (Duotang)
by Joergen Hedman

Gemeinde Speyer, Beresan Valley, South Russia (Softcover)
The Village of Speyer
compiled by Aubrey B. Marthaller

German Colony of Alt Postal (Binder)
(Maloyaroslavetz II in Bessarabia)
Text of the HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY Booklet 1823 - 1923
by M Weiss, Sexton-Teacher in Alt Postal & Pastor Horst W. Gutsche

German Colony of Riebensdorf (Book-Soft)
In the Province of Voronezh
by Bruno Adler

The German Colonies in Georgia (Book-Soft)
(Elisabethtal-Asureti: 1818-1941
by Ekaterine Udsulaschwili

The German Colonies in South Russia 1804 - 1904 (2 volumes) (Book-Hard)
by P. Conrad Keller

German Emigration from Bukovina to the Americas (Book-Soft)
Results of Initial Investigations and a Guide to Further Research
Edited by William Keel and Kurt Rein

Germans from Russia in the Yakima Valley Prior to 1940 (Book-Hard)
by the Central Washington Chapter AHSGR

German Russian Handbook (Book-Hard)
A Reference Book for Russian German and German Russian History and Culture,
with Place Name Listings of Former German Settlement Areas
by Ulrich Mertens

German Russian Villages in the Volga Region Version 2 C.D.
by Hart Postlethwaite

The German Settlements in Bessarabia (Book-Soft)
A Study of the German Immigration to, Successful Settlement in, and Ultimate Abandonment of Bessarabia
by Burkett W Huey

Glueckstal Colonies (Book-Soft)
Deaths 1833 - 1900

1858 Glueckstal Colony Census (Book-Hard)
by Glueckstal Colonies Research Association

The Glückstalers in New Russia, The Soviet Union and North America (Book-Hard)
c/w Video & 2 CD's
by Homer Rudolf, Editor

The Glückstalers in New Russia and North America (Book-Hard)
A Bicentennial Collection of History, Genealogy & Folklore
by Homer Rudolf, Editor

Gnadental in Bessarabia 1830-1930 (in German) (Binder)
by Friedrich Rueb (1981)

Grossliebental (Mariinsky) Volost Office (Book-Soft)
(1815, 1850, 1852-1920)
Fond 53: Guide
by Lilia Belousova & Vlad Buga

Heaven Is Our Homeland (DVD)
The Glueckstalers in New Russia and North America

Heilbrunn & Sudak Crimea 1850 Census (Book-Soft)

His Footprins in the Steppe - Russian Stories (Duotang)
(Part II: Scenes from my Life Work on the Southern Russian Steppe)
by Pastor Samuel Keller

History of the Community of Tarutino (Binder)
From 1814 to 1934
by W Mutschall, retired teacher and professor
Translated from the German by Pastor Horst Wilhelm Gutsche

History of the Diocese of Tyraspol (Softcover)
by Joseph Aloysius Kessler
translated by Pastor Horst Gutsche

The History of the Zhirnovsk Region, Chapter Five, Life and Fate of German Colonists (Book-Soft)
by V.I. Gomulov, Erna Razgulina, Clarence D. Kissler

Holstein/Werchnaja Kulalinka Church Records (Book-Soft)
Births 1799-1849 Deaths 1800-1852 Deaths 1799-1849

Holstein/Werchnaja (Duotang)
Letter & Village Information and Photograph

Huck (Duotang)

Hussenbach Review (Book-Soft)
Volume 1 - 1 June 1994 thru Volume 5 - 4 March 1999
by Louise Potter, Village Coordinator
Paul A Lais, Editor

In The Midst of Wolves (Book-Soft)
A History of German Baptists in Volhynia, Russia 1863-1943
by Donald N. Miller

Index Evangelical Lutheran Marriages 1882 - 1897 (Book-Soft)
Taurida, Simferopol
Compiled from LDS film #2 009 092 Item 2

John Biel Returns: (DVD)
A visit to the Volga German Villages

Katzbach 1821-1940 (Duotang)
by Gertrud Knopp-Rueb

Klein Neudorf Malaja (Book-Soft)
Karamanowka Kr. Tiraspol G. Cherson 1867-1885
by Christian Bechtold

1834 Description of Kopenka (Book-Soft)
A Colony located in the Saratov region of Russia known by the Germans as Volmer
by Angela Gartner

The 1850 Description of Kopenka (Book-Soft)
A Colony located in the Saratov region of Russia known by the Germans as Volmer
by Angela Gartner

1857 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana (Softcover)
In the District of Saratov, Russia
Translated by Dr Brent Mai

No.2842 The 1798 Description of the (Book-Soft)
Saratov Colony of Kopenka aka Volmer No. 123
by AHSGR-Lincoln

Kraft (Duotang)

Kraft - a Report for the 24th International AHSGR Convention (Softcover)
June 21-27, 1993 Denver, CO.
by Tracy Hume, Village Coordinator

Krasna & Emmental, Bessarabia (Book-Soft)
Church and Census Records from Russian Archives
Contents: BMD 1840, Census of Krasna 15 Sept 1850
Emmental BMD 1886-1893, BMD 1889-1896,
The Church in Emmental and Larga to 1950

Krasna, Bessarabia (Book-Soft)
Birth and Baptism Records 1919-1927, 1935-1937.
Includes records for Emmental, Balamas & Larga

1852 Kutschurgan Census (Book-Soft)
Selz, Kandel, Baden, Strassburg, Mannheim, Elsass

The Landau Roman Catholic Church (Book-Soft)
Church Register Baptism Begun:1860 Ended: 1866

Landau Roman Catholic Church Deaths 1860 - 1872 (Book-Soft)
Nikolaev Regional State Archive, fond 410, opis 1, file 39

Letters from Hell - Huck Starvation Letters 1921-1933 (Duotang)

Letters From Russia 1916-1934 (Vollmer)(Duotang)
by Herman J Blatz

Mannsburg, Akkerman in Bessarabia 1863-1964 (in German) (Binder)
by Christian Fiess

Marienberg Fate of a Village (Book-Soft)
by Johann Bolinger & Janice Huber Stangl

Mathildendorf in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Dr. Ernst Hoeger

Memories of Kazakhstan (Book-Soft)
A Report on the Life Experiences of a German Woman in Russia
by Berta Bachmann & Edgar C. Duin

My Home on The Crimean Steppe (Book-Soft)
Memories of David Weigum

Neu-Elft in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by August A. Zaiser (1975)

Norka - A German Village in Russia (2 copies) (Softcover)
Edited by Marie Miller Olson and Anna Miller Reisbeck

Norka, Russia - What's Available for Information and Research (Softcover)
by AHSGR Convention Casper WY 2008

Odessa Archives Fond 628 (Book-Soft)
Catalogue to the Mannheim Roman Catholic Church Records
Birth Records 1819-1835

Odessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia (Book-Soft)
(1806, 1807, 1814-1834, 1843, 1850)
Fond 252: Guide
by Lilia Belousova

Origin, Development and Dissolution of the German Colonies on the Black Sea (Book-Soft)
Via the Example of Kandel from 1808 until 1944

by Anton Bosch & Josef Lingor

Our ancestors from Yagodnaya Polyana and its Daughter Colonies(Book-Sort)
by Marlene Michel

Paris and New Paris in Bessarabia (in German) (Binder)
by Arthur Suckut

Parish of Neu Sarata/Sarata Noua (Binder)
"Kurzgefasste Chronik über Neu-Sarata"
by Jacob Romppel
Translated by Horst Wilhelm Gutsche

Partial Translation of "Los Abuelos Alemanes del Volga" (Duotang)

Pilgrims On The Earth (Yagodnaya Polyana)(Book-Hard)
A German-Russian Chronicle
by Richard D Scheuerman

Pobotschnaya, Saratov, Russia, a "Muttercolonie" Mother Colony (Duotang)
and Schoenfeldt, Samara, Russia, a "Toctercolonie" Daughter Colony

Return to Berry meadow (Book-Soft)
and other stories of Our People
by Richard Scheuerman, Editor

The Road to: Jagodnaja Poljana 1994 (Video)
Russia/Germany May/June 1998
Dimitri's Video - Yagada - May 1998

Sarata 1822-1940 (in German) (Binder)
by Christian Fiess (1979)

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Magazine)
Vol.1 No.1 Jan-Mar 1985 Pages 10-14
"Germans From Russia Who Came From Galicia, Bukowina and Northern Bessarabia"
by Henry G Meyer

SGGEE Journals (Binder)
"A Volhynian Genealogy Group"
Vol.1No.1 December 1998 to Vol.6 No.2 June 2004

Siberian Diary of Aron P. Toews (Book-Soft)
by Olga Rempel, Esther Klassen Bergen & Lawrence Klippenstein

Sofiewka (Book-Hard)
A Bessarabian-German in Moldova 1892-1992
by Dr. Elvire Necker-Eberhardt

Strassburg (Book-Soft)
Kutschurgan District 1816 Census
A Project of Germans from Russia Heritage Society

Sunflowers & Thistles (Book-Hard)
Bessarabian Germans Speak Out
by Elvire Basle-Fandrich, Translation by James T Gessele

Surviving Siberia (Book-Soft)
AHSGR Monograph 2007-03
by Floyd L. Seher

Under Arrest (Book-Hard)
Repression of the Russian Germans in the Zhitomir Region, Ukraine in the 1930's
by Donald N. Miller

Usu Leut vo Jagada (Book-Soft)
Vol.1 Issue 1 to Vol.26 No.1

Usu Leut vo Jagada (Binder)
Vol.1 Issue 1 to current

Value Meals on the Volga
by Anna Dalheimer Bartkowski (Mariental)

Wandering Volhynians (Magazine) (Binder)
Vol.1No.1 to Vol.8 No.2

Wittenberg (Softcover)
The Homeland Book of Wittenberg in Bessarabia
c/w DVD - Wittenberg Genealogy
by Paul Rath & Klara Bollinger
Translated by Pastor Horst W Gutsche

1834 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana in the District of Saratov, Russia (Book-Soft)
by Brent Mai

No. 2792 A Description of the Saratov Colony (Book-Soft)
Of Yagadnaya Polyana No. 73

Yagodnaya Polyana (Book-Soft)
Daughter, and Granddaughter Colonies
compiled by Kristen (Hanneman) Ball

Yagodnaya Polyana (DVD)
September 18, 2013
by Marlene Michel

The Yagoder User Leut (Cassette)
by Members of the Calgary Chapter

Yagodnaya Polyana Village Map C1900
by Richard D. Scheuerman

Yagodnaya Polyana (Duotang)
14 pages 1994 & 1995

Zur Frage der Sonderstellung Galiziens (Book-Soft)
Ein Streifzug in das galizische Problem Von Wladimir Ritter von Schilling-Singalewytsch (in German)

Zürichtal (in German) (Duotang)
Eine Bauern Kolonie in der Krim
Die Tragödie der Aemtler
Auswanderer von 1803
by M Sweibrod-Bühler

Zurichtal Village Report (Duotang)
Cherson Area November 1942