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1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga (Book-Hard)
Economy, Population, Agriculture, Volume 1 and 2, by Brent Alan Mai

1834 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana in the District of Saratov, Russia (Book-Soft)
by Brent Mai

1852 Kutschurgan Census (Book-Soft)
Selz, Kandel, Baden, Strassburg, Mannheim, Elsass

1858 Glueckstal Colony Census (Book-Hard)
by Glueckstal Colonies Research Association

1918 Census of Independent Doukhobors (Softcover)
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff

Black Sea German Russian Census (Book-Soft)
Volume 1 Supplemental to the "Stumpp Book", by GRHS

Black Sea German Russian Census (Book-Soft)
Volume II Supplemental to the "Stumpp Book", by GRHS

Counting Canada (Book-Soft)
A Genealogical Guide to the Canadian Census, by Dave Obee

Heilbrunn & Sudak Crimea 1850 Census (Book-Soft)

Hutchinson County, South Dakota 1880 Census (Book-Soft)
Transcribed by Ronald J. Seibert

Research Guide to the Russian and Soviet Census (Book-Hard)
by Ralph S Clem, Editor

The Russian National Census of 1897 (Softcover)
by Thomas K. Edlund Pages 29-39

The Settlement of immigrants of German origin (Book-Soft with DVD)
in Southern Alberta between the 1880's and 1910, by Manfred Prokop