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Die schoensten deutschen Volkslieder (in German) (Book-Soft)
In Originaltexten und Noten- herausgegeben von Guenter Poessiger

Die Schoensten Weihnachts=Lieder (in German) (Book-Soft)
by Naumann Goebel Verlagsgesellschaft

Folksongs of our Forefathers (Book-Soft)
Liederbuch der Schwarzmeer-Deutschen
by Joseph S Height

Gas City and District chapter (Book-Soft)
Germans from Russia Heritage Society

Lieblings-Lieder Unserer Vorwaeter (Book-Soft)
by AHSGR Golden Gate Chapter

Liederbuch fuer die Jugend (in German) (Book-Hard)
Gestliche Lieder fuer Schule und Kindergottesdienst
by Quell Verlag

Song Book (Booklet)
Published by AHSGR Lincoln NE

Songs We Love to Sing (in English & German) (Softcover)

Songs We Love to Sing II (Book-Soft)

Unser Deutsches Liederbuch (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Beulah Chapt GRHS

Words to Favorite German Russian Songs (Duotang)
by GRHS Medicine Hat Chapter

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales of Siberian Folks )Book-Hard)
by Galina Smirnova

Twelve German Tales from Russia (Book-Soft)
Twelve Tales of Fantasy and the Supernatural
by Samuel & Melissa Sinner


A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union (Book-Hard)
Photographed by 100 of the World's leading photojournalists on one day May 15, 1987
by Collins Publishers & Ira Shapiro

Heritage (Magazine)
Vol 6 No 6 Nov/Dec 1978
Pg 17 "From Heaven on High" Homemade Christmas Angels

Heritage (Magazine)
Vol 9 No 6 Nov/Dec 1981
Pg 5 "Needlework Russian-Style" Igolochkoy

Iron Spirits (Book-Soft)
by Nicholas Curchin Vrooman & Patrice Avon Marvin

Romance in Ruins (Duotang)
Art Collection of Gulag Drawings
by The Igor V Savitsky Museum Nukus, Karakalpastan, Uzbekistan

Paintings of Wassilij Fomitschjow from Saratov (Book-Hard)
(in Russian Cyrillic)


Santa's Distant Cousin Belts (Softcover)
Reader's Theatre by Susan Kuzina

Treasured memories (Softcover)
"Aufgehobene Andenken"
by Northern Colorado Chapter AHSGR

Through The Years With Germans From Russia (Softcover)
A History of the Past Two Centuries in Dialogue and Song
by The Lincoln, Nebraska Chapter of AHSGR

Customs and Holidays

The Christmas Keeping Germans (Book-Hard)
by Neita O. Friend