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1880 Village Census of the Mennonite (Book-Soft)
West Reserve Manitoba, Canada Vol. 2
Edited by John Dyck & William Harms

All Things Decently and In Order (Book-Soft)
And Other Writing on a German from Russia
by Edna Boardman

...And When They Shall Ask (DVD)
A Docu-drama of the Russian Mennonite Experience
by David Dueck Film Production

The Ben Horch Story (Book-Soft)
by Peter Letkemann

Brother Jakob (Book-Soft)
by B.E. Ebel

Bergthal Gemeinde Buch (Book-Soft)
Bergthal Gemeinde Buch 1843-1876
Chortitzer Gemeinde Buch Indexes
Passenger Lists 1874-1880
The 1881 Federal Census Data
Edited by John Dyck

Czars, Soviets, Mennonites (Book-Soft)
by John B. Toews

David and Anna "My Labor of Love" (Book-Hard)
by Diane Reimer with Anna Reimer

David Toews Was Here 1870-1947 (Book-Soft)
by Helmut Harder

Days of Terror (Book-Soft)
by Barbara Claasen Smucker

The Descendants of Cornelius W. Loewen (1827-1893) and Helena Bartel (1833-1876) (Book-Soft)

Forever Home
Good Old Days on the Farm
by Victor Carl Friesen
Foreword by Trevor Herriot

From Russia to America: In Search of Freedom (Book-Soft)
by Leonhard Sudermann, Translated by Elmer F Suderman

From Kronsthal to Kelowna (Book-Soft)
The David A. Schellenberg Family 1894 - 1994
Edited by Peter Penner

The German-Russians: Those Who Came to Sutton (Book-Soft)
by James R. Griess

Grandma's Clippings (Book-Soft)
Her Years of Wisdom
Compiled by Diane Reimer, Cover Art by Mary Lou Reimer

Hard Passage (Book-Soft)
A Mennonite Family's Long Journey from Russia to Canada
by Arthur Kroeger

Heimatbuch 2005 (Book-Soft) (in German)
By Landsmannschaft Der Deutschen Aus Russland

Heritage Preservation: (Softcover)
A Resource for Congregations (Mennonite)
by David A. Haury

Historical Sketches of the East Reserve (Book-Soft)
1874 - 1910 Villages Biographies Institutions
Edited by John Dyck

A History of the Mennonite Brethren Church (Book-Soft)
Pilgrims and Pioneers
by John A. Toews & A. J. Klassen

Hope Beyond the Horizon (Book-Soft)
Stories by Russian Mennonite Refugees Fleeing the Soviet Union
Translated from the German and edited by John P. Nickel

Hope Springs Eternal (Book-Soft)
A Legacy of Service and Love in Russia During Difficult Times
Translated from the German and edited by John P. Nickel

In Defense of Priviledge (Book-Soft)
Russian Mennonites and the State Before and During World War 1
by Abraham Friesen

In The Far Country (Book-Soft)
A Portrait of Three Generations
by Warren E. Schwartz

In the Fullness of Time (Book-Hard)
150 Years of Mennonite Sojourn in Russia
by Walter Quiring

Leave No Stone Unturned
by Glen Ediger

Lost Fatherland (Book-Hard)

The Story of the Mennonite Emigration From Soviet Russia 1921-1927 (Book-Hard)
by John B Toews

A Menno Prince (Book-Soft)
A Story of Love and Loss
The memoirs of Cornelius Peter Kasdorf
by Sharon Kasdorf

The Mennonite Brotherhood in Russia (1789-1910) (Book-Hard)
by Peter M Friesen
Translated from the German by J B Toews, Abraham Friesen, Peter J Klassen, Harry Leowen

A Mennonite-Christian View of Suffering (Duotang)

The Mennonite Encyclopedia Volume I (A-C) (Book-Hard)
by The Mennonite Publishing House

The Mennonite Encyclopedia Volume II (D-H) (Book-Hard)
by The Mennonite Publishing House

The Mennonite Encyclopedia Volume III (I-N) (Book-Hard)
by The Mennonite Publishing House

The Mennonite Encyclopedia Volume IV (O-Z) (Book-Hard)
by The Mennonite Publishing House

The Mennonite Encyclopedia Volume V (A-Z) (Book-Hard)
by Herald Press

Mennonite Exodus (Book-Hard)
The Rescue and Resettlement of the Russian Mennonites Since the Communist Revolution
by Frank H Epp

Mennonite Foods & Folkways (Books-Soft)
From South Russia Volume I & II
by Norma Jost Voth

Mennonite Historical Atlas (Book-Soft)
by William Schroeder and Helmut T. Huebert

Mennonite Martyrs (Book-Soft)
People Who Suffered for Their Faith
by Aron A Toews

Perspectives on Mennonite Life and Thought
Translated by John B Toews

Mennonite Plautdeutsches Woerterbuch (Book-Soft)
Mennonite Low German Dictionary
by Jack Thiessen

Mennonites in Canada Volume 1 (1786-1920) (Book-Hard)
The History of a Separate People
by Frank H Epp

Mennonites in Canada Volume 2 (1920-1940) (Book-Hard)
A People's Struggle for Survival
by Frank H Epp

Mennonites in Canada Volume 3 (1939-1970) (Book-Hard)
A People Transformed
by T D Regehr

Mennonites in Uzbekistan (Duotang)
by various authors

Miracles of Grace and Judgement (Book-Hard)
A Family strives for survival during the Russian Revolution
by Gerhard P. Schroeder

Molotschna Historical Atlas (Book-Soft)
by Helmut T. Huebert

More Food That Really Schmecks (Book-Hard)
by Edna Staebler

My Old Order Mennonite Heritage (Book-Soft)
by Mary Ann Horst

Nettie's Journey (Book-Soft)
by Adele Dueck

The Nikkel-Nickel Family of Prussia, Russia, America and Canada (Book-Hard)
Compiled by John P. Nickel and Gene M. Nickel

Pennsylvania Dutch Fun, Folklore and Cooking (Book-Soft)
by Mary Ann Horst

Pioneers And Pilgrims (Book-Soft)
The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Manitoba, Nebraska and Kansas 1874 to 1882 Volume Five
The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde Historical Series
by D F P Publications

Pushing Through Invisible Barriers (Book-Soft)
A Canadian Mennonite Story
how hope transcended adversity, an autobiography
by Tena Friesen

Reminiscings of Mennonite Life in Waterloo County (Book-Soft)
by Mary Ann Horst

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Magazine)
Vol.22 No.1 March 1991 Pages 17-23
"The Mennonites A Story of a Pilgrim People"
by Menno J Martens

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Magazine)
Vol.17 No.2 June 1986 Page 97
"Hochstadt Cemetery (Old World Mennonites)" Swift Current RM#137

Siberian Diary of Aron P. Toews (Book-Soft)
by Olga Rempel, Esther Klassen Bergen & Lawrence Klippenstein

Soups and Salads (Book-Soft)
With Schmecks Appeal
by Edna Staebler

Stages on the Path to Rehabilitation (Duotang)
by Peter Penner

Those Enterprising Pennsylvania Germans (Book-Soft)
Canadian-German Folklore Vol. X111-1995
by The Pennsylvania Folklore Society of Ontario

A Time to be Born (Book-Soft)
Memoir of a Canadian Mennonite
by Peter Penner MA, PhD

What Can We Do Here? (Book-Soft)
by Elmer F. Suderman

With Courage to Spare (Book-Soft)
The Life of B B Janz (1877-1964)
by John B Toews