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Gluckstal Colonies

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1858 Glueckstal Colony Census (Book-Hard)
by Glueckstal Colonies Research Association

Collectivization in the Soviet Union (Book-Hard)
German Letters to America 1927-1932
by Janice Huber Stangl

Glueckstal Colonies (Book-Soft)
Deaths 1833 - 1900

The Glückstalers in New Russia, The Soviet union and North America (Book-Hard)
c/w video & 2 CD’s
by Homer Rudolf, Editor

The Glückstalers in New Russia and North America (Book-Hard)
A Bicentennial Collection of History, Genealogy & Folklore
by Homer Rudolf, Editor

Heaven Is Our Homeland (DVD)
The Glueckstalers in New Russia and North America

Marienberg Fate of a Village (Book-Soft)
by Johann Bolinger & Janice Huber Stangl

Sophie's Grandma (Book-Hard)
Author Barbara Horn, Artist Heidi Spring, Editor James Klein

We'll Meet Again in Heaven (Book-Soft)
Germans In The Soviet Union Write Their American Relatives 1925-1937
by Ronald J. & Joshua J. Vossler