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Across The Years (Book-Hard)
History of Sisseton, South Dakota 1892-1992
by Sisseton Centennial Book Committee

Alexander and Marie Reschny (Book-Soft)

Alla Lizzie (Book-Soft)
by Helen Eichstaedt

Ashley Diamond Jubilee (Book-Hard)
Ashley, North Dakota 188-1963
by Max A. Wishek, Chairman

Ashley's Golden Jubilee 1888 - 1938 (Book-Hard)
50 Years of Progress
by J W Meidinger and Ed Rau
Ashley Golden Jubilee Committee

The Beierbach Families (1700-2001) (Book-Soft)
by Ferdinand Schwab

Beiseker's Golden Heritage (Book-Hard)
by Beiseker Historical Society

Bischoff-Bischoff Josef (Book-Soft)
by Mary-Anne (Weigel) Flug

Blatz & Stang Family Stories (Softcover)
by Arthur Blatz, Kiel, Germany

Born and Raised Under a Straw Roof (Book-Soft)
A True Legacy of the Human Spirit
by Mary A. Drzewiecki

Bowness Past and Present 1911-2011 (Book-Hard)
by Bowness Historical Society

Cholesterol-Collateral (Book-Soft)
Sweat, Toil and Tears and German Russian Descendants
by Eugene Michael Weber

Conrad Siebert Family History (The) (Book-Soft)
The First Three Hundred Twenty Five Years 1677-2002
by Ken Bartley and Helen Percival

Craik...friendliest place by a dam site Vol. One (Book-Hard)
by Craik History Book

Cross Continental Journeys: (Duotang)
German Russians in North America
by Faye Reineberg Holt

Danger on the Train (Book-Soft)
by Donna L Walter with Lilli Rein

David and Anna "My Labor of Love" (Book-Hard)
by Diane Reimer with Anna Reimer

The Dell History 1850-1993 (Book-Soft)
by Fran Austman

The Descendants of Cornelius W. Loewen (1827-1893) (Book-Soft)
and Helena Bartel (1833-1876)

Descendants of Johannes Weitz (Duotang)
by Patrice Miller

Die Deutschen in Wollynien (Book-Hard) (in German)
Ein Kulture historisches Ueberblick
von Nikolaus Arndt

East Prussians From Russia (Book-Hard)
by Michael J Anuta

Eine Familie mit ueber 700 Kindern (Book-Soft)
by Gerhad Hamm und Bernhard Hamm (in German)

Faith of our Fathers (Duotang)
by Susan M. Yungman

Faith Under Four Flags (Book-Soft)
A Personal Diary of Germans in Russia
by Emil J Roleder

Falkenstein A History (Duotang)
Volga, Through Europe, To Canada
by Greg Falkenstein

Familien-Sippenbuch (Book-Hard) (in German)
Alfred Marks Bd l
by Dietmar Alex

Familien - Sippenbuch (Book-Hard) (in German)
Alfred Marks Bd ll
by Dietmar Alex

Familienchronik-Album (Book-Soft)
by Arthur Blatz
Translated by Anne Stang

Families Hinsz Scheuffele Wahl Wall (Binder)
by Dale Lee Wahl (1992)

The First Recyclers (Book-Soft)
A Story of Immigrant people-and a pair who carried a dream
by George Bechtold

From Kronsthal to Kelowna (Book-Soft)
The David A. Schellenberg Family 1894 - 1994
Edited by Peter Penner

From the Volga Steppes to the Western Prairies (Book-Soft)
by George Spady

Friedrich The Blacksmith (Book-Soft)
by Norman Fischbuch

From Refugee to Rafters (Book-Soft)
A True Story of Flight, Freedom & Faith
by Rudolf Stepper with Elsie Loewen

The Gartner Story in Canada (Softcover)
by Marian Press, Battleford, Saskatchewan

Genealogy of the Jacob Wiebe Family 1760 - 1984 (Duotang)

George Rohl, Ancestors & Descendants, Reunion June 21, 2003 (Book-Soft)
by Helen Rohl & Donna Quaschnick

German/Catholic Courage (Book-Soft)
From The Steppes To The Prairies
The Life And Times Of Adam Knorr 1870-1952
by Morris Knorr

Germans from Russia In The Yakima Valley prior to 1940 (Book-Hard)
by Central Wasington Chapter AHSGR

Gottlieb Bauer Letters (Duotang)
Translated from German to English
by Pastor H Gutsche & Michael Rempfer GRHS

Great Grandparents of Yagodnaya Polyana, Russia (Book-Soft)
John Conrad Fuchs, John Ward Schmick, and Related Family Histories
by Gary August Fuchs

Hauspach/Hassbach 1147-1990 (Book-Hard) (in German)
by Kurt W. Darmohray

Herkunft der bessarabischen (Book-Soft) (in German)
Bogner-Sippe und ihr Schicksal
Von Dr med Hugo Bogner

Heimat verloren-Heimatgewonnen (Book-Soft) (in German)
Schicksale einer bessarabiendeutschen Familie von 1813 bis 1947
by Egon Sprecher

Historical Sketches of the East Reserve (Book-Soft)
1874 - 1910 Villages Biographies Institutions
Edited by John Dyck

Homeland Lost (Book-Soft)
A Three-Generational Saga Based Upon True Events
Brave Women Facing The Exuberance of Life Love Loss
by G J Rachael Patterson

The Hussar Heritage (Book-Hard)
Through the years in Hussar and surrounding district
From its earliest beginnings to the present day
by the Hussar Historical Society Book Committee

I-Alice Embrace the Yester Years (Book-Soft)
by Alice Katherine Kanewischer

Jacob's House Lugovaya Gryaznukha (Book-Soft)
(Schulz), Russia
by Fred Zitzer

Johann Funk Family History 1732-2005 (Book-Soft)
by Bev Funk

John Peter Stang Story (Book-Soft)
Compiled by J P Gartner

John and Mary Schierman A Family History Russia 1890 Canada 1977 (Book-Soft)
by Sandra Stelter

Joseph and Margaret Prediger Family Trees 1861 – 2000(Book-Hard)
Published by Angela and Steve Reiter

Kemp, Keep Every Memory Precious (Duotang)
By Elizabeth McKeown

Konschuh story and genealogy (Book-Soft)
our ancestors and us (in German, English & Russian)
by Valentin Konschuh

A Kuehn Family Scrapbook Volume 1 (Duotang)
Collected and Edited by Felix G. Kuehn

Kulak Love and Death, (Book-Soft)
A German-Russian Tragedy, Ukraine 1938
by Leon Ochsner

Legacy, A History of the Stappler, Weigel and Kessler Families(Book-Hard)
by Ron L. Chromyc

Lest We Forget (Book-Hard)
The Memories of a Prairie Pioneer
by Wendelin J. Stang

The Memories of a Prairie Pioneer (Book-Soft)
Lest We Forget 2nd Edition
by Wendelin J. Stang

Letters From Russia 1916-1934 (Duotang)
by Herman J Blatz

The Lineage of Henry & Katherine Sherman Oct 2002 (Book-Soft)
by Garry Sherman

Links With The Past (Book-Hard)
by Northwest Historical Society

Lomond and District History (Book-Hard)
First Edition 1916-1966
Second Edition 1966-1985
by Robins Southern Printing

Long Lake 1929-1979 Golden Jubilee (Book-Hard)
Long Lake, South Dakota
by Historical Book Committee

Lydia the Journey Home (Book-Soft)
A Woman's Story of Faith and Courage
by Elsie Loewen

The Long Road Home A History of the Fester Family (Book-Soft)
by Helmuth Fester

Meine Lebenserrinnerungen (Book-Soft) (in German)
Von Friedrich-Wilhelm Budau

Memories - Yours And Mine (Book-Hard)
A History of Beveridge Lake, East View, Garrett, Hesketh, Humbolt, Kirby, Lenox, Marne, Webbs School Districts

Memories of An Ordinary Family (Book-Soft)
by Sigfried Schmidt

A Menno Prince (Book-Soft)
A Story of Love and Loss
The Memoirs of Cornelius Peter Kasdorf
by Sharon Kasdorf

Mother's Faith - Our Heritage (Book-Soft)
As recorded, in part by Mrs. Agathe Rothe and her sons Fred and Richard Roth
by H. E. von Wittgenstein

My Grandmother's People (Book-Hard)
The Rissling Family In Russia and in Canada
by Adam Giesinger

My Hard Life (Book-Soft)
by Emma Malsam
Translated by Anne Stang

My Life on the Homestead (Book-Soft)
by Reubin Drisner

My Notes of German-Russian Events (Book-Soft)
From 1980 to 2016
by Norman Fischbuch

The Nikkel-Nickel Family of Prussia, Russia, America and Canada (Book-Hard)
Compiled by John P. Nickel and Gene M. Nickel

Over the Viaduct or Across the Tracks, (Book-Soft)
To Memory Lane We Go...
by Vemmy (Loos) Nielsen

The Peter Stang Family Trees 1870 - 1998 (Book-Hard)
Published by Angela & Steve Reiter

Pioneers and Pilgrims (Book-Soft)
The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Manitoba, Nebraska and Kansas 1874 to 1882 Volume Five
The Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde Historical Series
by D F P Publications

Pioneers And Progress (Book-Hard)
The History of Southey and Districts
by Southey History Committee

Pioneers and their Sons Vol. II (Book-Soft)
One Hundred Twenty Family Histories
by Monsignor George P. Aberle

Ponoka Panorama (Book-Hard)
by Ponoka and District Historical Society

Pushing Through Invisible Barriers (Book-Soft)
A Canadian Mennonite Story how hope transcended adversity
An autobiography by Tena Friesen

Red Notice (Book-Hard)
A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice
by Bill Browder

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts July 1, 1973 (50th Anniversary) (Book-Soft)
by Joyce Wiedeman, Editor

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts 75th Schuler 1923-1998 Third Edition (Book-Soft)
by Schuler Historical Committee

Seed of the Volga (Book-Soft)
by Karen Schutte

Settlers Along The Bow (Book-Hard)
A History of: Rainier, Bow City
by Rainier Bow City History Club

Siberian Diary of Aron P. Toews (Book-Soft)
by Olga Rempel, Esther Klassen Bergen & Lawrence Klippenstein

Sister Dorothy Stang - Brazil (Duotang)
Memorial booklet & 23 pages of information

Surviving The Storms (Book-Hard)
Memory of Stalin's Tyranny
by Helen Dmitriev

They Came from East and West (Book-Hard)
A History of Immigration to Canada
by William J. H. Sturhahn, D.D.

Though My Soul More Bent Memoir of a Soviet German (Book-Soft)
by Maria Kreiser

The Thousand Mile Stare (Book-Hard)
by Gary Reiswig

Through Sunshine And Shadows (Book-Soft)
The Long Road Home
by Martha Proppe

A Time to be Born (Book-Soft)
Memoir of a Canadian Mennonite
by Peter Penner, MA PhD

Torn Roots (Book-Soft)
Written and compiled by Theodore Wentland

Torrington & District History (Book-Hard)
1890's - 2015
by Torrington & District Historical Society

Trails To Little Corner (Book-Hard)
Namaka and Districts
by Namaka Community Historical Committee

Treasured Memories (Book-Hard)
History of Burstall and District
by Lions Club

The Trek to Liberty (Binder)
The Fuchs (Fox) Families
Compiled by Norman Howard & Marjorie B. Fox

Unsere Leute, The Fishbuch Family (Book-Hard)
by Norman Fischbuch

View From Our Veranda (Book-Hard)
by Sandra Stelter

Weigel Josef (Book-Soft)
by Mary Ann (Weigel) Flug

Wensrich Family Reunion August 2000 (Book-Soft)
by Joan Morgan, Alice Flessinger McNaughton and Jan Dittman

When I was a Boy: (Book-Soft)
Autobiography from a German Village in Poland 1935 - 1945
by Edward Abraham

Whispering Winds of Yesteryear (Book-Hard)
Glen Bain RM #105 [Saskatchewan]
by Glen Bain Historical Society

Wind in The Face (Monograph)
by Eugen N. Miller