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90 Years of Worship (Book-Soft)
A History 1909 to 1999 of St. John Lutheran Church, Calgary, Alberta
by Marlene L. Michel

The 100 Year History of St. John Lutheran Church (Book-Soft)
100 Years with Christ 1909 to 2009, Calgary, Alberta Canada
by Marlene L. Michel

100th Anniversary 1913-2013 (Book-Soft)
St Matthew Lutheran Church,
66 - 7th Street Northeast,
Calgary, Alberta

All Things Decently and In Order (Book-Soft)
And Other Writing on a German from Russia

Ascension Lutheran Church (Book-Soft)
25th Anniversary Cookbook

Beresina (Binder)
Written by Jacob Becker, Sexton-Teacher (1967)
Translated by Mr Herbert Benjamin Loeffelbein (1993)
Edited by Horst W Gutsche (2013)

Biographical Directory of Clergy (Book-Soft)
In Alberta's German Speaking Communities from the 1880's to the present.
by Horst W Gutsche and Manfred Prokop

Bishop Joseph Werth (Book-Soft)
The Church and the Russian Germans in the Siberian Homeland Today
by Eric J. Schmaltz

Celebrating the Centennial of the Saxon Immigration 1839-1939 (Book-Soft)

A Century of Grace 1905 - 2005 (Book-Hard)
Grace Presbyterian Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
by Peter Penner

Current church in Moldova and Ukraine 2001 (Duotang)

Current Church in the Volga 2001 (Duotang)

Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Congregation - Calgary, Alberta (Duotang)
Membership Roster 1900 - 1903

For the Record (Book-Soft)
A Publication of the Canadian Lutheran Historical Association
Vol.12 No.1 March 1989
by John M Cobb, Editor

From The Buffalo to the Cross (Book-Hard)
A History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary
by M. B. Venini Byrne

German/Catholic Courage (Book-Soft)
From The Steppes To The Prairies
The Life And Times Of Adam Knorr 1870-1952
by Morris Knorr

Hide Me Within Thy Wounds (Book-Soft)
The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the USSR.
From Material in Criminal Investigation and Labor Camp Files
by Serebranniye Niti & Malcolm Gilbert

His Footprints in the Steppe - Russian Stories (Duotang)
(Part II: Scenes from my Life Work on the Southern Russian Steppe)
by Pastor Samuel Keller

History of the Community of Tarutino from 1814 to 1934(Binder)
Translated by Pastor Horst Wilhelm Gutsche
by W Mutschall, retired teacher and professor

History of the Diocese of Tyraspol (Softcover)
by Joseph Aloysius Kessler
translated by Pastor Horst Gutsche

A History of the Mennonite Brethren Church (Book-Soft)
Pilgrims and Pioneers
by John A. Toews & A. J. Klassen

History of Zion Church Book II (Book-Soft)
1991 Weatherford, Oklahoma

In the Midst of Wolves (Book-Soft)
A History of German Baptists in Volhynia, Russia 1863-1943
by Donald N. Miller

Index to Volume 1 of "Bread to Share" (Softcover)
Stories about Saskatchewan's early Lutheran pastors and their wives
by Lois Knudson Munholland

Kirkliches Monatsblatt 1986-2015(Magazine)
feur das evangelische-lutheranische Haus
by German Evangelical Lutheran Conference in North America

The Lutheran Church in Wohlinia (Softcover)
Translation from Die Evangelisch-Augsburgischen Gemeiden in Polen 1555-1939 pages 184-199
by Eduard Kniefel & Evald Wuschke

Lutheran Inheritage (Video) (in both German & Russian)
The Volga Lutherans 2001
Rebuilding the church in Saratov)

Lutheran Inheritage (Video)
The Volga Lutherans Seminary AD 2001 Novosibirsk

Lutherans On The Plains (Duotang)
Bethlehem, Hilda/Good Hope, Schuler, Seven Churches Celebrate Seven Decades
by Emil Krause

My Church and Others (Softcover)
A Summary of the Teachings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. as Distinguished from Those of Other Denominations
by John Theodore Mueller

My Life on the Homestead (Book-Soft)
by Reubin Drisner

The One Hundredth Milestone (Book-Hard)
The Story of First Baptist Church 1888-1988, Calgary, Alberta
by Centennial Book Committee

Paradise on the Steppe (Book-Hard)
The Odyssey of a Pioneering People
by Joseph S Height

Parish of Neu Sarata/Sarata Noua (Binder)
"Kurzgefasste Chronik ├╝ber Neu-Sarata"
by Jacob Romppel
translated by Horst Wilhelm Gutsche

Pioneers of Faith (Book-Hard)
A History of the Evangelical Church of Canada
by Theodore E. Jesske

A Religious-Cultural Mosaic (Book-Soft)
Aa History of Lutherans in Canada
by Norman J. Threinen

St. John Lifeline
Parish Paper of St John Lutheran Church 1982 - 2002

St. Joseph's Colony (Book-Soft)
1905 - 1930 Compiled by the Oblate Priests of the Colony
by Lambert/Schneider

St. Joseph's Hospital Macklin, Sask 1927-1977 (Book-Soft)
Commemorating Fifty Years of Service Of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth

St Matthew Lutheran Church (Video)
by Linda Elder

Teachings which are at Variance with the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Softcover)

Thank God for the Church, 25th Anniversary (Book-Soft)
by Heins/Whisner/Seed/Limes

They Came from East and West (Book-Hard)
A History of Immigration to Canada
by William J. H. Sturhahn, D.D.

Underground Saints (Book-Soft)
The Communist Persecution of Christians
by Richard Wurmbrand

Vladivostok (Duotang)
Germans in Vladivostok: Yesterday and Today
Excerpt from Pastor M Brockmann 1998/2000/2001

Western Canadian Moravian Historical Magazine (Book-Soft)
No. 7 April 2002
by Canadian Moravian Historical Society

Where to Now? The Story of the Ursuline Sisters of Prelate 1919-2003 (Book-Hard)
by Sister Magdalen Stengler OSU

Witnesses for Christ (Softcover)
A German 20th Century Martyrology
edited by Helmut Moll
by Anton Bosch & Eugen Reinhardt

Word Alive (Magazine)
Pg 12 "Sending a Clear Signal" - Plattdeutsch
by Wycliffe Bible Translators