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150 Jahre Schwaebische Kolonisten in der Bucovina 1787-1937 (in German) (Book-Soft)
25 und 26 September 1937
Reprinted by Raimund Friedrich Kaindl Gesellschaft eV 1987
c/w English notes by Betty Lang

The Bukovina Germans (Book-Soft)
by Irma Bornemann

Bukovina Villages/Towns/Cities and Their Germans (Book-Soft)
By Sophie A Welisch

Das Bukowina-Institut in Augsburg Band 1(in German) (Book-Soft)
By Johannes Hampel/Ortfried Kotzian (Hrsg)

Die evangelischen Gemeinden in der Bukowina (in German) (Book-Soft)
Aufbau und Ende (II Teil)
By Edgar Mueller

European legal-size file of Bukovina material (includes 7 maps)

German Emigration from Bukovina to the Americas (Book-Soft)
Results of Initial Investigations and a Guide to Further Research
Edited by William Keel and Kurt Rein

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Magazine)
Vol.1 No.1 Jan-Mar 1985 Pages 10-14
"Germans From Russia Who Came From Galicia, Bukowina and Northern Bessarabia"
by Henry G Meyer