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From Refugee to Rafters (Book-Soft)
A True Story of Flight, Freedom & Faith
by Rudolf Stepper with Elsie Loewen

Historical Sketches of the East Reserve (Book-Soft)
1874 - 1910 Villages Biographies Institutions
Edited by John Dyck

Life Story of Dr Karl Stumpp (Book Soft)
As told to Arthur E Flegel
Patriarch of Germans from Russia Ethnic Studies
Desktop Editing by Harold Ehrman

Lydia the Journey Home (Book Soft)
A Woman's Story of Faith and Courage
by Elsie Lowen

Siberian Diary of Aron P. Toews (Book-Soft)
by Olga Rempel, Esther Klassen Bergen & Lawrence Klippenstein

Though My Soul More Bent Memoir of a Soviet German (Book-Soft)
by Maria Kreiser

Wind In The Face (Monograph)
by Eugen N. Miller