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Across The Years (Book-Hard)
History of Sisseton, South Dakota 1892-1992
by Sisseton Centennial Book Committee

Ashley's Golden Jubliee (Book-Hard)
1888 - 1938 50 Years of Progress
Ashley Golden Jubliee Committee
by J W Meidinger and Ed Rau

Ashley Diamond Jubilee (Book-Hard)
Ashley, North Dakota 1888-1963
by Max A. Wishek, Chairman

At Home in Russia at Home on the Prairie (DVD)
by NDSU & Prairie Public Broadcasting

A Bibliography on the Germans from Russia Material (Softcover)
Found in the New York Public Library 1970

Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas (Book-Soft)
by George Rath

Celebrating the Centennial of the Saxon Immigration 1839-1939 (Book-Soft)

The Central Dakota Germans (Book-Soft)
Their History, Language and Culture
by Shirley Fischer Arends

Colorado Life -September/October 2017 (Magazine)
Pg 38-46 "The hidden history of Colorado's Germans from Russia"
Pg 49-51 "From the Volga to the South Platte Heirloom recipes"

Concordia Connection Summer 2009 ((Magazine))
Pg 14 "Journeys" Featuring the saga of the Volga Germans
Portland, Oregon

Conquering the Wind (Book-Soft)
An Epic Migration from the Rhine to the Volga to the Plains of Kansas
by Amy Brungardt Toepfer & Agnes Diedling

Dakota Kraut, A Memoir (Book-Soft)
by Ron Vossler

Dutch Hop Music (CD)
by Paul Weingardt and Adolph Lesser

East Prussians From Russia (Book-Hard)
by Michael J. Anuta

Emma's Thesis - The German Russians on the Volga and in the United States (Book-Soft)
by Emma Schwabenland Haynes

Faith Under Four Flags (Book-Soft)
A Personal Diary of Germans in Russia
by Emil J Roleder

Genealogy Roadshow 2017 (DVD)
History of Germans from Russia
Presented by Mike Meisinger At the Golden Wheat Chapter AHSGR

German Food & Folkways (Book-Soft)
Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia & The Great Plains
by RMH Gueldner

The German Russians: Those Who Came to Sutton (Book-Soft)
by James R. Griess

The German Settlements in Bessarabia (Book-Soft)
A Study of the German Immigration to, Successful Settlement in, and Ultimate Abandonment of Bessarabia
by Burkett W Huey

The Germans from Russia in Oklahoma (Book-Soft)
by Douglas Hale

The Germans from Russia in Portland, Oregon Part 1 & Part 2 (DVD)
"From the Russian Steppe to the Pacific Northwest"
by Steven Schreiber

Germans from Russia in the Yakima Valley Prior to 1940 (Book-Hard)
by the Central Washington Chapter AHSGR

Gottlieb Bauer Letters (Duotang)
Translated from German to English
by Pastor H. Gutsche & Michael Rempfer GRHS

Gottlob Lerch (Book-Soft)
A Story by F. B. Urban

Great-Grandparents of Yagodnaya Polyana, Russia (Book-Soft)
The John Conrad Fuchs, John Ward Schmick, and related family histories
by Gary August Fuchs

Guide to Finding Your Elis Island Ancestors (Book-Soft)

Her Golden Door (Book-Soft)
A Novel of the Volga Germans Who Followed Their Dreams to America
by Calvin E. Nuss

Heritage 2018 (Newspaper)
Historic businesses of days gone by, Buffalo, Wyoming
Published by Buffalo Bulletin

History of Greater Seattle Chapter AHSGR (Softcover)
by Arthur Kramer - January 1985

History of Zion Church Book II (Book-Soft)
1991 Weatherford, Oklahoma

Hutchinson County, South Dakota 1880 Census (Book-Soft)
Transcribed by Ronald J. Seibert

Index to Kirchenbote Obituaries 1956 - 1963 (Softcover)
by Central Washington Chapter AHSGR Edited by Frank McLean

It's All Earth and Sky (DVD)
by Arthur Flegel, Debra Marquardt, Al Neuharth, Henry Schmick & Brian Sweitzer

Karte der russlanddeutschen Siedlungen (Map)
In den USA und Mexiko
by Dr. Karl Stumpp

Lincoln and Nearby Communities (Book-Soft)
Telephone Directory March 2010

Long Lake 1929-1979 Golden Jubilee (Book-Hard)
Long Lake, South Dakota
by Historical Book Committee

Lost Shawls and Pig Spleens (Book-Soft)
Folklore, Anecdotes, and Humor from the oral traditions of Germans from Russian in the Dakotas
by Ron Vossler

Memories - Humor of a Second Generation Volga Americans (Book-Soft)
by Calvin E. Nuss

Norka: A Passage in Time (DVD & Softcover)
c/w A Study Guide to Accompany the film
by Amber Kirkendall & Sherry Pawelko

Not Until the Combine is Paid and Other Jokes (Book-Soft)
From the oral traditions of Germans from Russia in the Dakotas
by Ron Vossler

Off The Mountain Lake Range (Book-Soft) & (Duotang)
by Heritage House

The Old God Still Lives (Book-Soft)
Ethnic Germans in Czarist and Soviet Ukraine Write their American Relatives 1915-1924
by Ron Vossler

The Other Germans (Book-Soft)
Settlements of Germans from Russia in Oklahoma and Texas
by Philip C Bryan

Over the Viaduct or Across the Tracks (Book-Soft)
To Memory Lane We Go...
by Vemmy (Loos) Nielsen

Pioneers and Their Sons Volume II (Book-Soft)
One Hundred Twenty Family Histories
by Monsignor George P. Aberle

Pilgrims On The Earth (Book-Hard)
A German-Russian Chronicle
by Richard D. Scheuerman

"Prairies" Vol. 7 No. 7 June/July 1984 (Magazine)
by Warren and Barbara Overlie

Recipes from our Summer Kitchens (Book-Soft)
And our family histories, towns and churches
by Central Oklahoma Chapter AHSGR

Researching the Germans from Russia (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Michael M. Miller

Russian - German Settlements in the United States (Book-Hard)
By Richard Sallet, La Vern J. Rippley & Armand Bauer

Sophie's Grandma (Book-Hard)
by Author Barbara Horn, Artist Heidi Spring, Editor James Klein

Speaking-out on Sod-House Times (Book-Soft)
Interviews by Pauline Neher Diede

Steppes to Neu Odessa (Book-Soft)
Germans from Russia who settled in Odessa Township, Dakota Territory, 1872 - 1876, 2nd Edition
by Cynthia Anne Frank Stupnik

Sundogs and Sunflowers (Book-Hard)
Folklore and Folk Art of the Northern Great Plains
Compiled and Edited by Timothy J. Kloberdanz & Troy A Geist

Sunflowers & Thistles (Book-Hard)
Bessarabian Germans Speak Out
by Elvire Bisle-Fandrick, Translated by James T. Gessele

Torn Roots (Book-Soft)
Written and Compiled by Theodore Wentland

The Volga - Germans of Michigan's Thumb (Book-Soft)
by Bill Picklehaupt

The Volga Germans (Book-Hard)
Pioneers of the Northwest
by Richard D. Scheuerman & Clifford E. Trafzer

The Volga Germans In Old Russia (Book-Soft)
And In Western North America
by Timothy J Kloberdanz

The Volga Germans in Russia and the Americas (Book-Hard)
From 1763 to the Present
by Fred C. Koch

Waiting For Otto (Book-Soft)
by Ron Rude

Wedding in the Darkness (Book-Soft)
Three Accounts from Collectivization And The Great Terror (1928-1938)
By Ron Vossler

We'll Meet Again in Heaven (Book-Soft)
Germans In The Soviet Union Write Their American Relatives 1925 - 1937
by Ronald J & Joshua J. Vossler

Why I Never Called Death the River and Other Voices from the Valley of Hope: A Prairie Album (Book-Soft)
by Ron Vossler