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Across The Years (Book-Hard)
History of Sisseton, South Dakota 1892-1992
by Sisseton Centennial Book Committee

Ashley's Golden Jubliee (Book-Hard)
1888 - 1938 50 Years of Progress
Ashley Golden Jubliee Committee
by J W Meidinger and Ed Rau

Ashley Diamond Jubilee (Book-Hard)
Ashley, North Dakota 1888-1963, by Max A. Wishek, Chairman

At Home in Russia At Home on the Prairie (DVD)
by NDSU & Prairie Public Broadcasting

A Bibliography on the Germans from Russia Material (Softcover)
Found in the New York Public Library 1970

Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas (Book-Soft)
by George Rath

Celebrating the Centennial of the Saxon Immigration 1839-1939 (Book-Soft)

The Central Dakota Germans (Book-Soft)
Their History, Language and Culture
by Shirley Fischer Arends

Concordia Connection Summer 2009 ((Magazine))
Pg 14 "Journeys" Featuring the saga of the Volga Germans
Portland, Oregon

Conquering the Wind (Book-Soft)
An Epic Migration from the Rhine to the Volga to the Plains of Kansas
by Amy Brungardt Toepfer & Agnes Diedling

Dakota Kraut, A Memoir (Book-Soft)
by Ron Vossler

Emma's Thesis - The German-Russians on the Volga and in the United States (Book-Soft)
by Emma Schwabenland Haynes

The Germans from Russia in Oklahoma (Book-Soft)
by Douglas Hale

The Germans from Russia in Portland, Oregon Part 1 & Part 2 DVD
by Steven Schreiber

Germans from Russia in the Yakima Valley Prior to 1940 (Book-Hard)
by the Central Washington Chapter AHSGR

The German Russians: Those Who Came to Sutton (Book-Soft)
by James R. Griess

German Food & Folkways (Book-Soft)
Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia & The Great Plains, by RMH Gueldner

Gottlob Lerch (Book-Soft)
A Story by F. B. Urban

Guide to Finding Your Elis Island Ancestors (Book-Soft)

Her Golden Door (Book-Soft)
A Novel of the Volga Germans Who Followed Their Dreams to America
by Calvin E. Nuss

History of Greater Seattle Chapter AHSGR (Softcover)
by Arthur Kramer - January 1985

History of Zion Church Book II (Book-Soft)
1991 Weatherford, Oklahoma

Hutchinson County, South Dakota 1880 Census (Book-Soft)
Trnascribed by Ronald J. Seibert

Index to Kirchenbote Obituaries 1956 - 1963 (Softcover)
by Central Washington Chapter AHSGR Edited by Frank McLean

It's All Earth and Sky (DVD)
by Arthur Flegel, Debra Marquardt, Al Neuharth, Henry Schmick & Brian Sweitzer

Karte der russlanddeutschen Siedlungen (Map)
In den USA und Mexiko
by Dr. Karl Stumpp

Lincoln and Nearby Communities (Book-Soft)
Telephone Directory March 2010

Long Lake 1929-1979 Golden Jubilee (Book-Hard)
Long Lake, South Dakota
by Historical Book Committee
Lost Shawls and Pig Spleens (Book-Soft)
Folklore, Anecdotes, and Humor from the oral traditions of Germans from Russian in the Dakotas
by Ron Vossler

Memories - Humor of a Second Generation Volga Americans (Book-Soft)
by Calvin E. Nuss

Not Until the Combine is Paid and Other Jokes (Book-Soft)
From the oral traditions of Germans from Russia in the Dakotas
by Ronald Vossler

Off The Mountain Lake Range (Book-Soft) & (Duotang)
by Heritage House

The Old God Still Lives (Book-Soft)
Ethnic Germans in Czarist and Soviet Ukraine write their American Relatives 1915-1924
by Ron Vossler

Pioneers and Their Sons Volume II (Book-Soft)
One Hundred Twenty Family Histories
by Monsignor George P. Aberle

Pilgrims On The Earth (Book-Hard)
A German-Russian Chronicle
by Richard D. Scheuerman

"Prairies" Vol. 7 No. 7 June/July 1984 (Magazine)
by Warren and Barbara Overlie

Researching the Germans from Russia (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Michael M. Miller

Russian - German Settlements in the United States (Book-Hard)
by Richard Sallet, LaVern J. Rippley & Armand Bauer

Speaking-out on Sod-House Times (Book-Soft)
Interviews by Pauline Neher Diede

Steppes to Neu Odessa (Book-Soft)
Germans from Russia who settled in Odessa Township, Dakota Territory, 1872 - 1876, 2nd Edition
by Cynthia Anne Frank Stupnik

Sundogs and Sunflowers (Book-Hard)
Folklore and Folk Art of the Northern Great Plains
compiled and edited by Timothy J. Kloberdanz & Troy A Geist

The Volga - Germans of Michigan's Thumb (Book-Soft)
by Bill Picklehaupt

The Volga Germans (Book-Hard)
Pioneer of the Northwest, by Richard D. Scheuerman & Clifford E. Trafzer

The Volga Germans In Old Russia (Book-Soft)
And In Western North America
by Timothy J Kloberdanz

The Volga Germans in Russia and the Americas (Book-Hard)
From 1763 to the Present
by Fred C. Koch

Waiting For Otto (Book-Soft)
by Ron Rude

Wedding in the Darkness (Book-Soft)
Three Accounts from Collectivization and The Great Terror (1928-1938)
by Ron Vossler

We'll Meet Again in Heaven (Book-Soft)
Germans in the Soviet Union write their American Relatives 1925 - 1937
by Ronald J. & Joshua J. Vossler

Why I Never Called Death the River and Other Voices from the Valley of Hope: A Prairie Album (Book-Soft)
by Ron Vossler