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Canadian - Medicine Hat

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The Bierbach Families (1700-2001)(Book-Soft)
by Ferdinand Schwab

Bischof-Bischoff, Josef (Book-Soft)
born: 1763 Seltz, Weissenburg, Alsace, France

Down the years at Elkwater (Book-Soft)
c/w newspaper article by Hope Michael & Hope Johnson

Early History of the Medicine Hat Country 1869-1932 (Book-Soft)
by J. W. Morrow

Gem Golden Jubilee 1914-1964 (Book-Soft)
Printed by The Brooks Bulletin

The Grass Roots of Dorothy (Book-Hard)
by Hazel B. Roen

Henderson's Medicine Hat and Redcliff(Alberta)City Directory 1966 (Book-Hard)

Henderson's Medicine Hat (Alberta) City Directory including Redcliff 1991 (Book-Hard)

Hilda's Golden Heritage c/w map (Book-Soft)
by Hilda Town and Country Ladies Club

60 Years Hilda's Heritage Part II (Book-Soft)
c/w map, newspaper copy & worship service of celebration, by Hilda Town and Country Ladies Club

The Hussar Heritage (Book-Hard)
Through the years in Hussar and surrounding district
From its earliest beginnings to the present day
by the Hussar Historical Society Book

Irvine Then and Now (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Edna Gilbert

Kirkliches Monatsblatt (Magazine) (in German)
für das evangelische-lutheranische Haus 1986 - 2014
by German Evangelical Lutheran Conference in North America

Lutherans on the Plains (Book-Soft)
Bethlehem, Hilda/Good Hope, Schuler 1910-1980 by Emil Krause

My Life on The Range (Book-Hard)
by C. J. Christianson

A New Beginning Irvine & District (Book-Hard)
by 20 Mile Post historical Society

Remembering The Farm, Memories of Farming, Ranching and Rural Life in Canada (Book-Hard)
Past and present by Allan Anderson

River Crossings 1883-1980 (Book-Soft)
c/w memorial card & newspaper clipping, by The Historical Society of Medicine Hat & District

The Rural Roots Reader (Book-Soft)
by Les Brost

Saamis The Medicine Man (Book-Hard)
by Senator F. W. Gershaw

Saamis Review - Winter 1978 (Book-Soft)
by L.J. Roy Wilson, Laurie Milne Brumley

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts July 1, 1973 (Book-Soft)
(50th Anniversary), by Schuler History Committee, Joyce Wiedeman, Editor

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts 75th Schuler 1923-1998 (Book-Soft)
Third Edition, by Schuler Historical Committee

The Saga of Sitting Bull's Bones (Book-Hard)
The Unusual Story Behind Sculptor Karczak Ziolkowski's Memorial to Chief Sitting Bull by Robb De Wall

Settlers Along The Bow (Book-Hard)
A History of: Rainier, Bow City, by Rainier Bow City History Club

Tapping The Bow (Book-Hard)
by Renie Gross and Lea Nicoll Kraemer

Tatanga Mani (Book-Soft)
Walking Buffalo of the Stonies by Grant MacEwen

Weigel Josef (Book-Soft)
by Mary Ann (Weigel) Flug