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Gone Without a Trace (Book-Soft)
German Russian Women in Exile
by Nelly Daes & Nancy Bernhardt-Holland

Hide Me Within Thy Wounds (Book-Soft)
The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the USSR
from Material in Criminal Investigation and Labor Camp Files
by Serebranniye Niti & Malcolm Gilbert

Letters From The Dead (Book-Hard)
Last Letters From Soviet Men and Women who Died Fighting the Nazis (1941-1945)
Translation by Jim Riordan

The Open Wound (Book-Soft)
The Genocide of German Ethnic Minorities in Russia and the Soviet Union 1915 – 1949 – And Beyond
by Samuel D. Sinner

Voices from the Gulag (Book-Soft)
The Oppression of the German Minority in the Soviet Union
by Ulrich Merten

Why Are You Still Alive? (Book-Soft)
A German in the Gulag
by George Hildebrandt