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Alexander and Marie Reschny (Book-Soft)

Bishop Joseph Werth (Book-Soft)
The Church and the Russian Germans in the Siberian Homeland Today
by Eric J. Schmaltz

Catholic Church of Rosenthal, Crimea (Softcover)
Baptisms 1847 -1865
Translation & Extraction by Aubrey Marthaller

From The Buffalo to the Cross (Book-Hard)
A History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary
by M. B. Venini Byrne

German/Catholic Courage (Book-Soft)
From The Steppes To The Prairies
The Life And Times Of Adam Knorr 1870-1952
by Morris Knorr

Hide Me Within Thy Wounds (Book-Soft)
The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the USSR
From Material in Criminal Investigation and Labor Camp Files
by Serebranniye Niti & Malcolm Gilbert

History of the Diocese of Tyraspol (Softcover)
by Joseph Aloysius Kessler
Translated by Pastor Horst Gutsche

Paradise on the Steppe (Book-Hard)
The Odyssey of a Pioneering People
by Joseph S Height

St Joseph's Colony 1905 - 1930 (Book-Soft)
Compiled by the Oblate Priests in the Colony
By Lambert/Schneider

St Joseph's Hospital (Book-Soft)
Macklin, Saskatchewan 1927 - 1977

Sister Dorothy Stang - Brazil (Duotang)
Memorial booklet & 23 pages of information

Where to Now? (Book-Hard)
The Story of the Ursuline Sisters of Prelate 1919 - 2003
By Sister Magdalen Stengler OSU