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Bishop Joseph Werth (Book-Soft)
The Church and the Russian Germans in the Siberian Homeland Today
by Eric J. Schmaltz

East of the Sun (Book-Hard)
The Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia
by Benson Bobrick

Fairy Tales of Siberian Folks (Book-Hard)
by Galina Smirnova

German Colonies in Siberia at the end of the Nineteenth to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century (Book Soft)
by Peter Wiebe and Ivan Krott

Katerina and Nickolai Kloster 1st Edition (Softcover)
Their Canadian visit January 1991
by Barbara Kloster

Siberian Diary of Aron P. Toews (Book-Soft)
by Olga Rempel, Esther Klassen Bergen & Lawrence Klipppenstein
by Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

Surviving Siberia (Book-Soft)
AHSGR Monograph 2007-03
by Floyd L. Seher

Wind In The Face (Monograph)
by Eugen N. Miller