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AHSGR Resource Kit Volume 1 (Softcover)
by AHSGR Lincoln NE

Auswanderung deutscher Koloniston (Book-Hard)
Nach Russland im Jahre 1766 (in German, Russian & English)
by Andreas Idt and Georg Rauschenbach

Biographical Directory of Clergy (Book-Soft)
In Alberta's German Speaking Communities: from the 1880's to the Present
by Horst W Gutsche and Manfred Prokop

Central European Genealogical Terminology (Book-Soft)
by Jared H. Suess

Cultural History of Alberta's German-Speaking Communities (Book-Soft)
Between 1919 and 1939
by Manfred Prokop

Einige Kapitel Aus Der Geschichte (Book-Hard) Des Kolonisationsprojekts von Katharina II 1763-1775 by Andreas Idt, George Rauschenbach (in Russian & German) Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 1 Kolonien Laub-Preuss
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 2 Kolonien Laub-Preuss
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764-1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 3 Kolonien Laub-Preuss
by Igor Pleve

Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764 - 1767 (Book-Hard)
Band 4 Kolonien Reinhardt - Warenburg
by Igor Pleve

The Emmigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763 to 1862 (Book-Hard)
by Dr. Karl Stumpp

Family Chronicle (Magazine)
Various back issues

Family History Center Catalogue of LDS Film Numbers (Duotang)

Genealogical Guide (Book-Soft)
German Ancestors from East Germany and Eastern Europe (A GoFF-Wegweiser-English Edition)
Edited by Arbeitsgemeinschaft ostdeutscher Familienforscher eV Herne Germany
Translated by Joachim OR Nuthack, Edmonton, Canada and Adalbert Goertz, Waynesboro PA USA

The German Canadians 1750 - 1937 (Book-Hard)
Immigration, Settlement & Culture
by Heinz Lehmann & Gerhard P. Bassler

German-Canadians from Russia
Pastor Gutsche’s Collection of 30 articles

The German Colonies in South Russia 1804 - 1904 (2 volumes) (Book-Hard)
by P. Conrad Keller

The German Colonies On The Lower Volga (Book-Hard)
Their Origin and Early Development
by Gottlieb Beratz

The German Colonies on the Volga: (Book-Soft)
The Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
by Igor R. Pleve

German Russian Handbook (Book-Hard)
A Reference Book for Russian German and German Russian History and Culture
with Place Name Listings of Former German Settlement Areas
by Ulrich Mertens

Gone Without a Trace (Book-Soft)
German Russian Women in Exile
by Nelly Daes Translated by Nancy Bernhardt Holland

Grundriss der Genealogie Band 7 (Book-Soft)
Alte deutsche Berufsname und ihre Bedeutung
by Erich Wasmansdorff u. Bernhard Gondorf (in German)

Guide to Finding Your Ellis Island Ancestors (Book-Soft)

Guidelines for the Disclosure of Personal Information (Book-Soft)
for Historical Research at the National Archives of Canada

Handbook For Researching Family Roots (Book-Soft)
With emphasis on German-Russian Heritage, featuring a step by step guide to researching family history

Heimatbuch 1961-1965, 2005 (Book-Soft)
by Landsmannschaft Der Deutschen Aus Russland

Henderson's Medicine Hat and Redcliff (Alberta) City Directory 1966 (Book-Hard)

Henderson's Medicine Hat Alberta City Directory including Redcliff 1991 (Book-Hard)

How To Do An Interview (Duotang)
by Bowness Historical Society

How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home (Book-Soft)
by Ted L. Gunderson & Roger McGovern

Index (Duotang)
AHSGR Articles & Maps
GRHS Articles & Maps
Who Are the Germans From Russia?
Articles on Bessarabia & Dobrudscha

Lincoln and Nearby Communities (Book-Soft)
Telephone Directory March 2010

Lists of Colonists to Russia in 1766 (Book-Hard)
"Reports by Ivan Kuhlberg"
by Igor R. Pleve

Memories of the Aussiedler (Book-Soft)
by Project Director, Jo Ann Kuhr

Pier 21 (Book-Soft)
The Gateway that Changed Canada
by Trudy Duivenvoorden Mitic and J. P. LeBlanc

"Prairies" Vol. 7 No. 7June/July 1984 (Magazine)
by Warren and Barbara Overlie

Researching the Germans from Russia (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Michael Miller

Russian - German Settlements in the United States (Book-Hard)
by Richard Sallet, LaVern J. Rippley & Armand Bauer

The Settlement of immigrants of German origin (Book-Soft with DVD)
in Southern Alberta between the 1880's and 1910
by Manfred Prokop

A Social Study of the Russian German (Book-Soft)
by Hattie Plum Williams

Speaking-out on Sod-House Times (Book-Soft)
Interviews by Pauline Neher Diede

To Our Children's Children (Book-Hard)
by Bob Greene and D. G. Fulford

Website Listings in Exchange Newsletters (Duotang)

We'll Meet Again In Heaven (Book-Soft)
Germans In The Soviet Union Write Their American Relatives 1925 - 1937
by Ronald J Vossler & Joshua J Vossler

Wie deutsch sind Russlanddeutsche (Book-Soft)
Eine empirische Studie zur ethnisch-Kulturelien Identität
In russlandeutschen Aussiedlerfamilien
by Svetlana Kiel (in German)

Writing Family History (Duotang)
by Donna Bolan
Copyrighted Material

The Years of Great Silence (Book-Soft)
The Deportation, Special Settlement, and Mobilization
Into the Labor Army of Ethnic Germans in the USSR, 1941-1955
by J. Otto Pohl