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Annotated Bibliography of the Cultural History of the German-Speaking Community of Alberta (Book-Soft)
1881 - 2000
by Prof. Manfred Prokop, MLCS

Annotated Bibliography of Materials Available For Purchase from AHSGR (Book-Soft)
February 1979 to April 2010

A Bibliography on the Germans from Russia Material (Softcover)
Found in the New York Public Library 1970

Bibliographie zur Kultur und Landeskunde (Book-Hard) (in German)
Der Bukowina 1976 - 1990
Mit Nachtraegen zu den Jahren 1966 - 1975
by Erich Beck

An Expanded Bibliography and Reference Guide for the Former Soviet Union's Ethnic Germans (Book-Soft)
Issues of Ethnic Autonomy, Group Repression, Cultural Assimilation and Mass Emmigration in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
by Eric Schmaltz