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Anna Marie and Other Tales of the Germans in the USSR (Book-Soft)
by Joshua S Walker

Anthem (Book-Soft)
by Ayn Rand

Anton (Book-Soft)
a young boy, his friend & the Russian Revolution, by Dale Eisler

Arriving 1909-1919 (Book-Soft)
Book one of the "Understanding Ursula" trilogy
by Corinne Jeffery

Barefoot in the Rubble, Revised Edition (Book-Soft)
by Elizabeth B. Walter

Between Shades of Gray (Book-Soft)
One girl's voice breaks the silence of history
by Ruta Sepetys

Brother Jakob (Book-Soft)
by B.E. Ebel

Bruno (Book-Soft)
A Young Boy's Survival in War-Torn Europe
by Bruno Reule & James Estes

Catherine (Book-Hard)
The Volga Flows Forever - Book One
by Sigrid Weidenweber

Choosing 1940-1989 (Book-Soft)
Book three of the "Understanding Ursula" triology
by Corinne Jeffery

The Commissariet of Enlightenment (Book Hard)
A Novel by Ken Kalfus

Conquering the Wind (Book-Soft)
An Epic Migration from the Rhine to the Volga to the Plains of Kansas
by Amy Brungardt Toepfer & Agnes Diedling

The Dark Abyss of Exile (Book-Soft)
A Story of Survival
by Ida Bender

Das Gesetz der Taiga (Book-Hard)
Die Geschichte einer Abenteuerlichen Flucht
Edited by Christoph Albrecht (in German)
With English Translation of dustcover outline
by Iwan Bahriany

The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years (Book-Soft)
by Chingiz Aitmatov
Translated by John French
Foreword by Katherina Clark

Dear American Brother (Book-Soft)
Tragedy - Love - Survival
by Joe J Elder

A Distant Promise (Book-Soft)
A New Beginning
by Elvera Ziebart Reuer & Glophry Duff

Doctor Zhivago (Book-Soft)
by Boris Pasternak

Emil's Escape (Book-Soft)
Tale of a Hessian Lord's Adventure
by Mary A. Bartholomew

Empress of the Night (Book-Soft)
A Novel of Catherine the Great
by Eva Stachniak

Following Mariana (Book-Soft)
by Wayne Schnell

From Gulag to Freedom - Book 3 (Book-Hard)
The indomitable spirit of the Volga Germans
by Sigrid Weidenweber

Gottlob Lerch (Book-Soft)
A Story by F. B. Urban

Heimat - An Epic Novel (Book-Soft)
Steppes of Russia My Country, My Home
by Shirley Wegner Nitschke

Her Golden Door (Book-Soft)
A Novel of the Volga Germans Who Followed Their Dreams to America
by Calvin E. Nuss

Homeland Lost (Book-Soft)
A Three-Generational Saga Based Upon True Events
Brave Women Facing The Exuberance of Life, Love, Loss, their Tragedies & Triumphant Survival
by G J Rachael Patterson

I Heard My People Cry (Book-Soft)
One Family's Escape From Russia
by Elizabeth Lenci-Downs

"I remember that good yet!..." (Book-Soft)
by Edward Rast, a Russian Immigrant to Idaho
by Ella Marie Rast

In The Far Country (Book-Soft)
A Portrait of Three Generations
by Warren E. Schwartz

The Last Bridge (Book-Soft)
Her Own True Story
by Elvera Ziebart Reuer & Marjorie Knittel

The Last Green Valley (Book-Soft)
by Mark Sullivan

The Madonnas of Leningrad (Book-Hard)
A Novel
by Debra Dean

Marta's Promise (Book-Soft)
A Novel by Jeanne Dennis and Sheila Seifert

Memories From the heart (Book-Soft)
Stories Told by Germans from Russia
Compiled and Edited by Velma Jesser, PhD.

The New left (Book-Soft)
The Anti-Industrial Revolution
by The New York Times Company

Odyssey of Escapes From Russia (The) (Book-Soft)
The Saga of Anna K
by Wilmer A Harms

The Pitiless Wave (Book-Soft)
by Duane Schrag

The Russlaender (Book-Soft)
by Sandra Birdsell

Sabrina's Dream (Book-Soft)
by Mary A. Bartholomew

Sara's Trek (Book-Soft)
by Florence Schlonegar

Second Hoeing (Book-Soft)
by Hope Williams Sykes
Introduction by Timothy J. Kloberdanz

Seed of the Volga (Book-Soft)
by Karen Schutte

The Story of Johann, The Boy Who Longed to Come to Amerika (Book-Soft)
by Mela Meisner Lindsay

Thriving 1920-1939 (Book-Soft)
Book two of the "Understanding Ursula" triology
by Corinne Jeffery

Treasured Tales of Germans from Russia (Book-Soft)
Compiled and Edited by Velma Jesser, PhD.

The Volga Germans (Book-Hard)
The Volga Flows Forever - Book Two
by Sigrid Weidenweber

Waiting for Otto (Book-Soft)
by Ron Rude

We Remember (Book-Soft)
Stories of the Germans from Russia
by Timothy J. & Roslinda Kloberdanz

We The Living (Book-Soft)
by Ayn Rand

The White Lamb (Book-Hard)
The Story of Evaliz Shukar Balan
by Mela Meisner Lindsay

The Winter Palace (Book-Soft)
A Novel of Catherine The Great
by Eva Stachniak

Why Are You Still Alive? (Book-Soft)
A German in the Gulag, by George Hildebrandt

Why I Never Called Death the River (Book-Soft)
And Other Voices from the Valley of Hope: a Prairie Album
by Ron Vossler