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90 Years of Worship (Book-Soft)
A History 1909 to 1999 of St. John Lutheran Church, Calgary, Alberta
by Marlene L. Michel

100th Anniversary 1913-2013 (Book-Soft)
St Matthew Lutheran Church
66 7th Street Northeast
Calgary, Alberta

The 100 Year History of St. John Lutheran Church (Book-Soft)
100 Years with Christ 1909 to 2009, Calgary, Alberta Canada
by Marlene L. Michel

1867 Cosine 1967 (Book Soft)
(village in Saskatchewan)

1918 Census of Independent Doukhobors (Book-Soft)
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia
by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff

Acme Memories 1894-1978 (Book-Hard)
by Acme & District Historical Society

AFHS Digital Library - Volume I (CD)

AFHS Digital Library - Volume II (CD)
The Garden Road Cemeteries, Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Formerly a Part of the North-West Territories (Book-Soft)
An Index to Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations Prior to 1900

Alberta Formerly the Northwest Territories (Book-Soft)
Index to Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1879 to 1905 Volume I
by the Edmonton Branch Alberta Genealogical Society

Alexander and Marie Reschny (Book-Soft)

...And They Built An Altar (Duotang)
The History and Heritage of the Brokenhead Lutheran Community Manitoba

Annotated Bibliography of the Cultural History of the German-Speaking Community of Alberta 1881 – 2000 (Book-Soft)
by Prof. Manfred Prokop, MLCS

Arriving 1909-1919 (Book-Soft)
Book One of the "Understanding Ursula" trilogy
by Corinne Jeffery

The Beierbach Families (1700-2001) (Book-Soft)
by Ferdinand Schwab

Beiseker's Golden Heritage (Book-Hard)
by Beiseker Historical Society

Biographical Directory (Book-Soft)
Of Clergy in Alberta's German Speaking Communities: from the 1880's to the present
by Horst W Gutsche and Manfred Prokop

Bischof-Bischoff, Josef (Book-Soft)
born 1763 Seltz, Weissenburg, Alsace, France

Born and Raised Under a Straw Roof (Book-Soft)
A True Legacy of the Human Spirit
by Mary A Drzewieck

Bridgeland-Riverside Businesses (1927-1932) (Duotang)
by Alf Poffenroth

Bridgeland Riverside Memories (1970) (Binder)
by Rosa La Marca, Larry Spencer, Bain Spielman & Maurice Simon

Bowness Our Village in the Valley (Book-Hard)
by Bowness Historical Society

Bowness Past and Present 1911-2011 (Book-Hard)
by Bowness Historical Society

Calgary, a not too solemn Look at Calgary's first 100 years (Book-Hard)
by Bob Shiels

Cemetery Listings for Kneehill County, Alberta (Carbon and vicinity) (Duotang)

Cemetery Listings for Rural Municipality of Happy Land #231, Saskatchewan (Duotang)
(Blumenfeld, Gascoigne, Leader, Liebenthal, Mendham, Prelate, Westerham)

Cholesterol - Collateral (Book-Soft)
Sweat, Toil and Tears and German Russian Descendants
by Eugene Michael Weber

Choosing 1940-1989 (Book-Soft)
Book three of the "Understanding Ursula" triology
by Corinne Jeffery

Community with a View Heritage Tour Booklet
by Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association

Counting Canada (Book-Soft)
A Genealogical Guide to the Canadian Census
by Dave Obee

Craik - friendliest place by a dam site Vol. One (Book-Hard)
by Craik History Book

A Cultural History of Alberta's German Speaking Communities Between 1919 and 1939 (Book-Soft)
by Manfred Prokop

David and Anna "My Labor of Love" (Book-Hard)
by Diane Reimer with Anna Reimer

Dear American Brother (Book-Soft)
Tragedy - Love - Survival
by Joe J Elder

Destination Canada (Book-Soft)
A Genealogical Guide to Immigration Records
by Dave Obee

Down the years at Elkwater (Book-Soft)
c/w newspaper article
by Hope Michael & Hope Johnson

Early History of the Medicine Hat Country 1869 – 1932 (Book-Soft)
by J. W. Morrow

Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Congregation – Calgary, Alberta (Duotang)
Membership Roster 1900 – 1903

Faith of Our Fathers (duotang)
by Susan M. Yungman

Faith under Four Flags (Book-Soft)
A Personal Diary of Germans in Russia
by Emil J Roleder

Falkenstein A History (Duotang)
Volga, Through Europe, To Canada
by Greg Falkenstein

For the Record (Book-Soft)
A Publication of the Canadian Lutheran Historical Association
Vol.12 No.1 March 1989
by John M Cobb, Editor

Forever Home (Book-Soft)
Good old days on the farm
by Victor Carl Friesen
Foreword by Trevor Herriot

From Kronsthal to Kelowna (Book-Soft)
The David A. Schellenberg Family 1894 – 1994
edited by Peter ÿPe 麾翴

From Prairie Roots (Book-Hard)
The Remarkable Story of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
by Garry Fairbairn

From The Buffalo to the Cross (Book-Hard)
A History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary
by M. B. Venini Byrne

The Gartner Story in Canada (Softcover)
by Marian Press, Battleford, Saskatchewan

Gem Golden Jubilee 1914 - 1964 (Book-Soft)
Printed by The Brooks Bulletin

The German Canadians 1750 - 1937 (Book-Hard)
Immigration, Settlement & Culture
by Heinz Lehmann & Gerhard P. Bassler

German-Canadians from Russia
Pastor Gutsche’s Collection of 30 articles

German Settlements and Communities in Saskatchewan (Map)
by Saskatchewan German Council Inc.

Germans from Russia Arriving at the Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada 1900 to 1914 (Softcover)
Researched and compiled by George Dorscher, assisted by Dennis Seher and Rosemary Mack

Germans from Russia Arriving at the Port of Quebec, Province of Quebec, Canada in the Years 1900 to 1914 (Softcover)
Researched and Compiled by George Dorscher, Alberta Chapter GRHS
Assisted by Rosemary Mack

Germans from Russia Arriving at the Port of Quebec (Softcover)
In the Years 1911 to 1914
Researched and Compiled by George Dorscher, Alberta Chapter GRHS

Germans from Russia Arriving at the Port of St. John, New Brunswick Canada 1900 to 1914 (Softcover)
Researched by George Dorscher, Rosemary Mack and Denis Seher

Germans from Russia on the Canadian Prairie "Then and Now" (Video)
by Homeland Productions (Calgary)

A Gold Cufflink and a Red Dress (Book-Soft)
by William Wardill

Gottlieb Bauer Letters (Duotang)
Translated from German to English by Pastor H Gutsche & Michael Rempfer GRHS

Grandma's Clippings (Book-Soft)
Her Years of Wisdom
Compiled by Diane Reimer
Cover Art by Mary Lou Reimer

The Grass Roots of Dorothy (Book-Hard)
by Hazel B. Roen

Guidelines for the Disclosure of Personal Information (Book-Soft)
For Historical Research at the National Archives of Canada

Hatton and District Telephone Directory 1923 (Softcover)
by North Forres Rural Telephone Co. Ltd. Hatton, Saskatchewan

Henderson's Medicine hat and Redcliff (Alberta) (Book-Hard)
City Directory 1966

Henderson's Medicine Hat and Redcliff (Alberta) (Book-Hard)
City Directory 1991

A Heritage of Hospitality (Book-Soft)
by Nora Schmidt

Hilda's Golden Heritage c/w Map (Book-Soft)
by Hilda town and Country Ladies Club

60 Years Hilda's Heritage Part II (Book-Soft)
c/w Map, newspaper copy & worship service of celebration
by Hilda Town and Country Ladies Club

Hockey Hall of Fame (Book-Soft)
The Official History of the Game and its Greatest Stars
Pg 85 Sweeney Schreiner
by Dan Diamond/Joseph Romain

Homemade Fun - Games & Pastimes of the Early Prairies (Book-Soft)
by Faye Reineberg Holt

Homeland Lost (Book Soft)
by G J Rachel Patterson

Hub of Three Hamlets (Book-Soft)
Community Cooperation East of Calgary
Accounts by Calgary Authors
by Century Calgary Publications

The Hussar Heritage (Book-Hard)
Through the years in Hussar and surrounding district, from its earliest beginnings to the present day
by the Hussar Historical Society Book Committee

I-Alice Embrace the Yester Years (Book-Soft)
by Alice Katherine Kanewischer

Index to Volume 1 of "Bread to Share" (Softcover)
Stories about Saskatchewan's early Lutheran pastors and their wives
by Lois Knudson Munholland

Interviews With Residents of Bridgeland-Riverside (Binder)
by Devon Blean - Spring 1984

Irvine Then and Now (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Edna Gilbert

Jagoda Food Scrapbook (Book-Soft)
recipes, stories, pictures
by Sandra (Schierman) Stelter

Johann Funk Family History 1732-2005 (Book-Soft)
by Bev Funk

Journey Through the Crossroads (Book-Soft)
1874-2011, 1961-2011, 50th Anniversary Edition
A History of Belfast, Mayland Heights and Vista Heights Communities (Calgary)
by Jerry Rourke

A Leaven of Ladies (Book Soft)
A History of the Calgary Local Council of Women
by Marjorie Norris

Legacy (Book-Hard)
A History of the Stappler, Weigel and Kessler Families (Book-Hard)
by Ron L Chromyc

Lest We Forget 2nd Edition (Book-Soft)
The Memories of a Prairie Pioneer
by Wendelin J. Stang

Letters From Russia 1916-1934 (Duotang)
by Herman J Blatz

Links With The Past (Book-Hard)
by Northwest Historical Society

Local History Book Index (Duotang)
Sodbusting to Subdivision Dewinton & district - Foothills
by Alberta Digital Archives

Lomond and District History (Book-Hard)
First Edition 1916-1966
Second Edition 1966-1985
by Robins Southern Printing

Lutherans on the Plains (Book-Soft)
Bethlehem, Hilda/Good Hope, Schuler 1910 – 1980, by Emil Krause

Lydia the Journey Home (Book Soft)
A Woman's Story of Faith and Courage
by Elsie Loewen

Manchester to Calgary South 1955 – 2005 (Book)
Rotary Fellowship in Action
by Peter Penner

Memories - Yours And Mine (Book-Hard)
A History of Beveridge Lake, East View, Garrett, Hesketh, Humbolt, Kirby, Lenox, Marne, Webbs School Districts
by Hesketh Pope Lease Historical Society

Memories of a Prairie Pioneer (Book-Soft)
Lest We Forget
by Wendelin J Stang

Memories of An Ordinary Family (Book-Soft)
Sigfried Schmidt

A Menno-Prince (Book-Soft)
A Story of Love and Loss, The Memoirs of Cornelius Peter Kasdorf
by Sharon Kasdorf

Monarchs of the Fields (Book-Soft)
The Story of the Combine Harvester
by Faye Reineberg Holt

My Life on The Range (Book-Hard)
by C. J. Christianson

My Notes of German-Russian Events (Book-Soft)
From 1980 to 2016
by Norman Fischbuch

A New Beginning Irvine & District (Book-Hard)
by 20 Mile Post Historical Society

Once Upon a Tomb (Book-Soft)
Stories from Canadian Graveyards
by Nancy Millar

The One Hundredth Milestone (Book-Hard)
The Story of First Baptist church 1888-1988 Calgary, Alberta
by Centennial Book Committee

Out of the Flames (Book-Soft)
Fires and Fire Fighting on the Canadian Prairie
by Faye Reineberg Holt

People Places (Book-Soft)
The Dictionary of Saskatchewan Place Names
by Bill Barry

Pier 21 (Book-Soft)
The Gateway That Changed Canada
by Trudy Duivenvoorden Mitic & J. P. LeBlanc

Pioneers and Progress (Book=Hard)
The History of Southey and District
by Southey History Committee

Pioneers of Faith (Book-Hard)
A History of the Evangelical Church of Canada
by Theodore E. Jesske

Ponoka Panorama (Book-Hard)
by Ponoka and District Historical Society

POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire (Book-Soft)
by David J. Carter

Prairie Echoes of Hatton (Book-Hard)
A Story of Hatton, Saskatchewan and Surrounding Area

Prairie Sentinel (Book-Soft)
The Story of the Canadian Grain Elevator
by Brock V. Silversides

Reinhold & Mary Stang 1933 - 1988 (Book-Hard)
“Mom and Dad Remember When…?”
by Angela Reiter

A Religious-Cultural Mosaic (Book-Soft)
A History of Lutherans in Canada
by Norman J. Threinen

Remembering The Farm (Book-Hard)
Memories of Farming, Ranching and Rural Life in Canada Past and Present
by Allan Anderson

Researching the Germans from Russia (Book-Soft)
Compiled by Michael M. Miller

Resources in Calgary Libraries (Duotang)

Resources in Edmonton Libraries (Duotang)

River Crossings 1883 -1980 (Book-Soft)
c/w memorial card & newspaper clipping
by The Historical Society of Medicine Hat & District

Riverside-Bridgeland (Map)
by Joan Morgan

Riverside-Langevin School 1909-1964 (Book-Soft)
55th Reunion
by The Reunion Committee

The Rural Roots Reader (Book-Soft)
by Les Brost

Russlanddeutsche Siedlungen in Kanada (Map)
by Dr. Karl Stumpp

Saamis The Medicine Man (Book-Hard)
by Senator F.W. Gershaw

Saamis Review - Winter 1978 (Book-Soft)
by L.J. Roy Wilson, Laurie Milne Brumley

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts July 1, 1973 (50th Anniversary) (Book-Soft)
by Joyce Wiedeman, Editor

Saga of Schuler Stalwarts 75th Schuler 1923-1998 Third Edition (Book-Soft)
by Schuler Historical Committee

The Saga of Sitting Bull's Bones (Book-Hard)
The Unusual Story Behind Sculptor Karczak Ziolkowski's Memorial to Chief Sitting Bull
by Robb De Wall

St Joseph's Colony 1905 - 1930 (Book-Soft)
Compiled by the Oblate Priests in the Colony

St Joseph's Hospital (Book-Soft)
Macklin, Saskatchewan 1927-1977

Saskatchewan Cemeteries (Softcover)
Boulder Lake, Lockwood, Nakomis, Tate

Saskatchewan History (Softcover)
Centennial Timeline, 1905 - 2004
by Ruth Bitner & Leslee Newman

Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen (Book-Soft)
Unveiling the Rituals, Traditions, and Food Of the Hutterite Culture
by Mary-Anne Kirkby

The Settlement of Immigrants of German Origin in Northern Alberta (Book-Soft)
From The 1880's To The 1910's, a Fact Book
by Manfred Prokop

The Settlement of Immigrants of German Origin in Southern Alberta (Book-Soft & DVD)
Between the 1880's And 1910's: A Fact Book
by Manfred Prokop

Settlers Along the Bow (Book-Hard)
A History of Rainier, Bow City
by Rainier - Bow City History Club

Settling In (Book-Soft)
First Homes On The Prairies
by Faye Reineberg Holt

Soups and Salads (Book-Soft)
With Schmecks Appeal
by Edna Staebler

Stanley Jones School (Softcover)
60th Anniversary 1913-1973

Step Back in Time (Book-Soft)
Volume I Northern Alberta
by Lorraine Dreger Yackulic

Step Back in Time (Book-Soft) (DVD)
Volume II Central Alberta
by Lorraine Dreger Yackulic

Step Back in Time (Book-Soft) (DVD)
Volume III Southern Alberta
by Lorraine Dreger Yackulic

Tales of the Old Town (Book-Soft)
by Leishman McNeill

Tapping The Bow (Book-Hard)
by Renie Gross and Lea Nicoll Kraemer

Tatanga Mani (Book-Soft)
Walking Buffalo of the Stonies
by Grant MacEwen

They Came from East and West (Book-Hard)
A History of Immigration to Canada
by William J H Sturhahn DD

Those Enterprising Pennsylvania Germans(Book-Hard)
Canadian-German Folklore Vol. XIII - 1995
by The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society

The Trek to Liberty (Binder)
The Fuchs (Fox) Families
Compiled by Norman Howard & Marjorie B Fox

Threshing (Book-Soft)
The Early years of Harvesting
by Faye Reineberg Holt

Thriving 1920-1939 (Book-Soft)
Book two of the "Understanding Ursula" triology
by Corinne Jeffery

Through the Years (Book-Soft)
by Luseland, Salvador and District Centennial Committee

A Time to be Born (Book-Soft)
Memoir of a Canadian Mennonite
by Peter Penner MA, PhD

Tomslake (Book-Hard)
History of the Sudeten Germans in Canada
by Andrew Amstatter

Torrington & District History (Book-Hard)
1890's - 2015
by Torrington & District Historical Society

Tracing Your Ancestors in Alberta (Book-Soft)
A Guide to Sources of Genealogical Interest In Alberta's Archives & Research Centers
by Victoria Lemieux and David Leonard

Tracing Your Saskatchewan Ancestors: (Book-Soft)
A Guide to the Records and How to Use Them
by Saskatchewan Genealogical Society

Trails To Little Corner (Book-Hard)
Namaka and Districts
by Namaka Community Historical Committee

Treasured Memories (Book-Hard)
History of Burstall and District
by Lions Club

Two Years in Soviet Ukraine (Book-Soft)
A Canadian's personal account of Russian oppression and the growing opposition
by John Kolasky

Ukrainian Archival Records (Book-Soft)
at the Provincial Archives of Alberta, an Annotated Guide

Ukrainian People Places (Book-Soft)
by Bill Barry

Weigel, Josef (Book-Soft)
by Mary-Ann (Weigel) Flug

Wensrich Family Reunion August 2000 (Book-Soft)
by Joan Morgan, Alice Flessinger McNaughton and Jan Dittman

Where to Now? The Story of the Ursuline Sisters of Prelate 1919-2003 (Book-Hard)
by Sister Magdalen Stengler OSU

Whispering Winds of Yesteryear (Book-Hard)
Glen Bain RM #105 [Saskatchewan]
by Glen Bain Historical Society

Who's Who in Canadian Sport (Book-Soft)
Pg 223 Sweeney Schreiner
by Bob Ferguson