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90 Years of Worship (Book-Soft)
A History 1909 to 1999 of St. John Lutheran Church, Calgary, Alberta
by Marlene L. Michel

The 100 Year History of St. John Lutheran Church (Book-Soft)
100 Years with Christ 1909 to 2009 Calgary, Alberta Canada
by Marlene L. Michel

100th Anniversary 1913 - 2013 (Book-Soft)
St Matthew Lutheran Church
66 7th Street Northeast
Calgary, Alberta

1834 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana in the District of Saratov, Russia (Book-Soft)
by Brent Mai

1857 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana to the district of Saratov, Russia (Book-Soft)
by Dynasty Publishing

Bridgeland-Riverside Businesses (1927-1932)(Duotang)
by Alf Poffenroth

Bridgeland Riverside Memories (1970's) (Binder)
by Rosa La Marca, Larry Spencer, Bain Spielman & Maurice Simon

Brunnental, Russia (Duotang)
Names of persons from Bridgeland area who came from Brunnental, Russia

Community with a View Heritage Tour (Booklet)
by Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association

Descendants of Johannes Weitz (Duotang)
by Patrice Miller

Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Congregation - Calgary, Alberta (Envelope)
Membership Roster 1900 - 1903

Faith of our Fathers (Duotang)
by Susan M. Yungman

Fremde Heimat (Book-Soft)(in German)
Errinerungen an Jagodnaya Poljana Ein deutsche Dorf an der Wolga
by Alwina Meiber

Hockey Hall of Fame (Book-Soft)
The Official History of the Game and Its Greatest Stars
Pg 85 Sweeney Schreiner
by Dan Diamond/Joseph Romain

Interviews With Residents of Bridgeland-Riverside (Binder)
by Devon Blean - Spring 1984

Jagodnaya Polyana Dialect Skits (Binder)
German-Russian & English c/w Cassette
by Members of the Calgary Chapter

A Leaven of Ladies (Book Soft)
A History of the Calgary Local Council of Women
by Marjorie Norris

Our Ancestors from Yagodnaya Polyana and its Daughter Colonies(Book-Soft
Compiled by Marlene Michel

Our Favourite Recipes (Book-Soft)
Centennial Cookbook 1913-2013
St Matthew Lutheran Church, Calgary, AB

Pilgrims On The Earth (Book-Hard)
A German-Russian Chronicle
by Richard D Scheuerman

Presentation to AHSGR Calgary Chapter October 19, 2019 (DVD)
by Deb Lee & Irene Hammerling
BRCA Heritage Committee

Register From Jehovah Evangelical Lutheran Church Calgary 1920's Early 1930's (Envelope)
(Names only - no details)

Return to Berry Meadow and other Stories of our People (Book-Soft)
by Richard Scheuerman

Riverside-Bridgeland Map (Map)
by Joan Morgan

Riverside-Langevin School 1909 - 1964 55th Reunion (Book-Soft)
by The Reunion Committee

The Road to: Jagodnaja Poljana 1994 (Video)
Russia/Germany May/June 1998
Dimitri's Video - Yagada - May 1998
by Elizabeth Meyer

St. Matthew Lutheran Church (Bridgeland/Riverside GR church in Calgary) (Video)
by Linda Elder

Stanley Jones School (Softcover)
60th Anniversary 1913 - 1973

The Trek to Liberty (Binder)
The Fuchs (Fox) Families
Compiled by Norman Howard & Marjorie B. Fox

Usu Leut Our People (Book-Soft)
A historic look at Germans from Russia living in Bridgeland/Riverside
by Marlene Michel

Usu Leut vo Jagada (Binder)
Vol. 1 No. 1 to Vol. 26 No.1

Usu Leut vo Jagada (Binder)
Vol. 26 No. 2 to present

Wensrich Family Cookbook (Book-Hard)
Memories of all the good food our Mothers & Grandmothers cooked for us

Wensrich Family Reunion August 2000 (Book-Soft)
by Joan Morgan, Alice Flissinger McNaughton and Jan Dittman

Who's Who in Canadian Sport (Book-Soft)
Pg 223 Sweeney Schreiner
by Bob Ferguson

The Yagoder User leut (Cassette)
by Members of the Calgary Chapter

Yagodnaya Polyana (Book-Soft)
Daughter and Granddaughter Colonies
Compiled by Kristen (Hanneman) Ball

Yagodnaya Polyana (Book-Soft)
No. 2792 A Description of the Saratov Colony No.73
by AHSGR Lincoln

Yagodnaya Polyana (DVD)
September 18, 2013
by Marlene Michel