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1852 Kutschurgan Census (Book-Soft)
Selz, Kandel, Baden, Strassburg, Mannheim, Elsass
Saratov Archives Fond 116, Opus 1 Delo 58 pages 51-111

1884 Lutheran Church Records (Softcover)
Taurida & Crimea

About Myself and Repression (Book-Soft)
Of the Germans in South Ukraine
by John (Johannes) Phillips

Black Sea German Russian Census (Book-Soft)
Volume 1 Supplemental to the "Stumpp Book"

Black Sea German Russian Census (Book-Soft)
Volume II Supplemental to the "Stumpp Book"

Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas (Book-Soft)
by George Rath

Cross Continental Journeys (Duotang)
German Russians in North America
by Faye Reineberg Holt

Cry Out of Russia... escape from Darkness (Book-Soft)
by Anna Fischer

Dakota Kraut, A Memoir (Book-Soft)
by Ron Vossler

Entstehung, Entwicklung und Aufloesung der deutschen Kolonien (Book-Hard)
Am Beispiel von Kandel von 1808 bis 1944
c/w village map (in German)
by Anton Bosch & Josef Lingor

File 9 About Marriages – Berezan District 1816 (Softcover)
File 29a Marriages of Colonists and Transfers of Their Farms
Berezan District 28 Dec 1816 – 13 Dec 1817
by Wahl/Rye/Wagner

Folksongs of our Forefathers (Book-Soft)
Liederbuch der Schwarzmeer-Deutschen
by Joseph S. Height

Gemeinde Spryer, Beresan Valley, South Russia (Softcover)
The Village of Speyer
Compiled by Aubrey B. Marthaller

German-Catholic Courage (Book-Soft)
From The Steppes To The Prairies
The Life And Times of Adam Knorr 1870-1952
by Morris Knorr

German Colony of Riebensdorf in the Province of Voronezh (Book-Soft)
by Bruno Adler

The German Colonies in South Russia 1804 - 1904 (Book-Hard)
by P. Conrad Keller (2 volumes)

German Food & Folkways (Book-Soft)
Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia & The Great Plains
by RMH Gueldner

German Minority in Romania (Softcover)
Governance and Culture in the Black Sea Region
by Daniel Ursprung (Zurich)

"The German Question" in the Black Sea Region and in Volhynia (1856-1914) (Book-Soft)
by Dietmar Neutatz

The Germans by the Black Sea between the Bug and Dnjestr Rivers (Book-Soft)
by John (Johannes) Phillips

Grossliebental (Marimsky) Volost Office (Book-Soft)
(1815, 1850, 1852-1920)
Fond 53: Guide
by Lilia Belousova & Vlad Buga

Homesteaders On The Steppe (Book-Hard)
The Odyssey of a Pioneering People
by Joseph S. Height

How the East Was Won (Book-Soft)
by Alfred Opp

In The Valley Of The Kutchergan (Book-Soft)
by Ida Katherina Senger

Into The Unknown and other stores (Book-Soft)
by Karin Guendisch
Translated by Anne Stang

Klein Neudorf Malaja (Book-Soft)
Karamanowka Kr. Tiraspol G. Cherson 1867-1885
by Christian Bechtold

The Landau Roman Catholic Church (Book-Soft)
Church Register Baptism Begun:1860 Ended: 1866

Landau Roman Catholic Church (Book-Soft)
Deaths 1860-1872
Nikolaev Regional State Archive
Fond 410, Opus 1, file 39

Life Story of Dr. Karl Stumpp (Book-Soft)
As Told to Arthur E. Flegel
by Harold Ehrman

Lost Shawls and Pig Spleens (Book-Soft)
Folklore, Anecdotes, and Humor from the oral traditions of Germans from Russian in the Dakotas
by Ronald J. Vossler

Map One Nineteenth Century Primary German Villages of South Russia (Map)
by Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

Map Two Nineteenth Century Primary German Villages of South Russia (Map)

Marienberg Fate of a Village (Book-Soft)
by Johann Bolinger & Janice Huber Stangl

Memories of the Black Sea Germans (Book-Hard)
by Joseph Height

My Home on The Crimean Steppe (Book-Soft)
Memories of David Weigum

Not Until the Combine is Paid and Other Jokes (Book-Soft)
From the oral traditions of Germans from Russia in the Dakotas
by Ronald Vossler

Odessa Archives Fond 628 (Book-Soft)
Catalogue to the Mannheim Roman Catholic Church Records
Birth Records 1819-1835

Odessa Office For Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia (Book-Soft)
(1806, 1807, 1814-1834, 1834, 1850)
Fond 252: Guide
by Lilia Belousova

Origin, Development and Dissolution (Book-Soft)
of the German Colonies on the Black Sea via the Example of Kandel
From 1808 until 1944
by Anton Bosch & Josef Lingor

Paradise on the Steppe (Book-Hard)
The Odyssey of a Pioneering People
by Joseph S. Height

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Magazine)
Vol.19 No.1 March 1988 Pages 12-15
"Saskatchewan's Romanian Orthodox Communities" (Volga, Bucovina, Dobruja)
by Rev Fr George Sandulescu

Steppes to Neu Odessa (Book-Soft)
Germans from Russia who settled in Odessa Township, Dakota Territory, 1872 – 1876
2nd Edition
by Cynthia Anne Frank Stupnik

Strassburg (Book-Soft)
Kutschurgan District 1816 Census
A Project of Germans from Russia Heritage Society

That's The Way It Once Was (Book-Soft)
So Hens Mers Amohl Kaht. Black Sea Germans from Russia Experiences
by Arnold H. Marzolf

Through The German Colonies of the Beresan District and Colonist Tales (Book-Soft)
by Hermann Bachmann, Joseph Schnurr & Roland Wagner

Wedding in the Darkness (Book-Soft)
Three Accounts from Collectivization and the Great Terror (1928-1938)
by Ron Vossler

Why I Never Called Death the River and Other Voices from the Valley of Hope (Book-Soft)
A Prairie Album
by Ron Vossler

Zurichtal Village Report (Duotang)
Cherson Area November 1942

Zuerichtal (Duotang)(in German)
Eine Bauemkolonie in der Krim
Die Tragoedie der Aemtler
Auswanderer vom 1803
by M Weisbrod - Buehler